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by Morley Evans

Misty Copeland

A Ballet Education tells us this:

Like the Ivy League list [football]… there are three schools that will always compete for number one in the world. International, and probably the most historical, they are the prestigious Paris Opera Ballet School, the Vaganova School, and the Royal Ballet School. It is hard to say which one of these schools is actually the best, because they are completely different styles, and create very different dancers. Last year these schools took the top.  This year, we have lumped the three into one category, as the SUPER STAR STATE SUPPORTED SCHOOLS.  It really is only fair that the three of them share number one and make room for other schools offering great training, and are more realistic to get into.

Misty Copeland has overcome many obstacles that face every dancer and every athlete in every sport. Now, Misty is a principal dancer with an élite American dance company.

As a child, Misty entered a world that was completely unknown to her, to her parents, to her friends, or to anyone she knew. That would have been the most difficult thing. Ballet does not have a huge broad-based culture like American gridiron football which starts in elementary school and goes through high school and college into the pros. Basketball is the same. Misty would have been like a little girl from Candiac, Saskatchewan, starting a career in ballet. Injury is faced by every athlete. There are innumerable reasons to quit every day. There is fierce competition. Dancers who don’t measure up are replaced. Being black may have been a problem but it was not Misty's main problem. Misty overcame her problems. Misty became a dancer. She overcame very serious injury. 

Misty is at the top. Misty inspires little girls everywhere. She is their hero.

I know about Misty because she is black and PBS ran a wonderful story to tell me about her. That's why I fell in love.

Misty Copeland is one of the Principal Dancers with the American Ballet Theatre ABT. 
Here is their website:


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