Saturday, February 6, 2016


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by Morley Evans

Dear Dr. Hardy,

Pursuant to our mutual interest in organized Canadian medicine, I have compiled these facts:

Each province in Canada has its own College of Physicians and Surgeons.[1] They are grafted onto the Canadian Medical Association cheek and jowl. Doctors are licensed by the Colleges which will not allow a doctor to practice unless he has malpractice insurance. The only organization that provides malpractice insurance in Canada is the Canadian Medical Protective Association [2] which was started by the CMA in 1901.

The CMPA does not actually provide malpractice insurance. What it does is subvert justice. Canadian organized medicine has arrogated justice to itself. It is the “decider” not the legal system in Canada.

One can conclude that patients’ interests are not a concern of Canadian medicine at all. The first paragraph in the Complaints Process section of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Saskatchewan states:

The mandate of the complaints process is to review complaints and, where appropriate, make findings and recommendations to improve a physician's practice by raising awareness and providing educational advice. The complaints process does not have the authority to impose sanctions, discipline a physician, remove a physician’s licence or award financial compensation.  Matters found to involve unprofessional conduct or that fall substantially below the expected standard of care may be referred by the complaints process to the Registrar and governing Council of the College for review and consideration of further action.

This explicitly tells a patient who has been harmed by a doctor that he can go whistle: The complaints process does not have the authority to impose sanctions, discipline a physician, remove a physician’s licence or award financial compensation. So who does?

Canadian courts dismiss every medical case. No medical malpractice case has succeeded in Canada for decades — possibly since 1901! Canadian lawyers who know the score will not accept medical malpractice cases. The handful of cases that get to the Supreme Court of Canada each year are dismissed. The Canadian justice system is a joke. No one knows this. Lawyers won't admit even to themselves that the law is a farce. This renders Canada lawless. Like any other banana republic, people with power in Canada do whatever they want to the powerless. Why are Canadians so proud of themselves? Peons in Guatemala at least know the facts of life, moreover, winter is warm in Guatemala. Whatever the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms might say, Canadians have no rights in vital matters of life and death — their own. 


Canadian doctors are subject to sanctions, discipline, and removal in Canada [3] BUT THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH A PATIENT’S WELFARE OR WITH QUALITY MEDICINE! So whose welfare is served? That is completely left up to the medical authorities and their kangaroo courts. The primary purpose of the Canadian Medical Protective Association is to protect doctors. They have appointed themselves as the judge, jury and executioner. Doctors are a law unto themselves. They are part of the government, which is also a joke. The true north strong and free, indeed.

That’s how it is. It is an outrage. But do Canadians know? Do Canadians care? No! Canadians have been completely anesthetized. Canadians cannot smell the dead skunk that is rotting under their noses.

"Crack open more Molsons and turn up the hockey game! Let's Party!! Duh. . ."

Canadian medicine is organized crime. Anyone who goes to a doctor may find himself dancing with the devil. He may get lucky and find a good doctor. Or not. Canadian patients are walking through a minefield, blindfolded. Dr. Garcia will perform an intraocular lens transplantation on my left eye on 29 February. He is a conscientious man who has helped me and my family before. He will do his best, which I expect will be excellent. 

As you know, Dr. Hardy, my eyes were screwed up in December 2013 by Dr. Ryan Eidsness with one drop of Lumigan® in each eye before bedtime. Cataracts were my Christmas present from pharmaceutical medicine for 2013! Of course no one wants to know about that. Exposing anything in Canada would be unCanadian. It's just not something that Canadians do. 

Turning over rocks exposes the crawly unpleasant activity that goes on under them. Canadians could no longer be smug! Digging the dirt is what Americans do. Americans can be crass. Canadians could no longer look at what Americans have exposed about themselves and boast about how much better Canadians are than everyone else. Canadians could no longer be sanctimonious.

Wish me luck with my eyes!

 Love to Sati. 

- Morley

P.S.: The girls are all fine. 

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