Monday, March 7, 2016

JULIA has Moral Gumption

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by Morley Evans

Julia Brezhnev is a medical student in Lugansk State Medical University in the Ukraine. 

(Луганський державний медичний університет)

Julia is a very close personal friend so her opinion may be skewed but she says what she thinks. Accompanying her many stellar qualities, Julia has moral gumption. She's beautiful and smart too.

Julia Brezhnev
My dear Morley!

I am very happy to hear from you, and especially to hear that you are doing fine! I was so worried about that surgery ─ whether or not it's going to work, so I am very happy that everything went good! It's so great that after all this time your sufferings are finally rewarded and you've managed to find at least one decent professional, who was able to help you!

I said it before, but I said it again: Dr. Eidsness doesn't deserved to be called doctor. Not only did he make an incredible amount of damage to your health, but what he did afterwards was just to run and hide  ─ that is simply unforgivable! I believe, that every person, who's bold enough to call themselves a professional, regardless of their field, must also be courageous enough to confront their own mistakes and do their best to make things right. But no, this person does not only do nothing to help you, he blames you for what has happened. That is simply disgraceful.

You are right: the medical system in your country must be very corrupted. And the attitude [respect] these people get for what they do is so wrong. And there certainly must be something done about it, but you are right: people just won't listen. It's just uncomfortable for many of them and the rest, the majority, just doesn't care. And this is the worst!

Because, you know, they even say, that the most horrible things in this world happens not only because somebody do them, but because so many people watch them doing it without saying a word, just because they think, it will not affect them, that it is safer to do nothing and say nothing. But in my opinion, it is not the best position. you know, there's always people who see it all, who understand that this is wrong, and they also understand, that they can change it. And yet, they say nothing and do nothing. I cannot say such people disgust me ─ that would be too strong word, to be fair, but they cause some kind of disrespect in me. Indeed, indifference is one of the worst possible things one can face.

I also would like to mention, how I cannot stop being amazed at what modern technologies are capable! It's so wonderful to hear, how quick and easy this surgery, while, in fact, it is very complex, and only 50 years ago people couldn't even imagine doing such manipulations with such ease. Isn't it wonderful, how quick such things evolve, how evolves medicine in general? I think, this is really startling to see how diseases that were incurable only a century ago now are not even considered dangerous. It's so wonderful that the modern medicine has so many modern means in its disposal. Well, at least in developed countries In my country, unfortunately, this field doesn't get enough financing, so here we can only dream about modern medical equipment.

In fact, where I live, it's even hard to get certain medicines (in fact, many of them) due to the political situation in my region. [The CIA-run government in Kiev has been attacking the Donbas region where Julia lives. Canada supports this. Another example of your tax dollars at work.]

So, anyway, as I already said, it's a shame that you had such a bad luck with the doctors in your life, it is great, that you've finally got help. I really hope that postsurgical period will go well, and the surgery on the second eye will follow, so you will see like an eagle with both eyes) I also hope that your shoulder gets better as well.

Take care of yourself,
With love, your Julia

Published with permission. Thank you, Julia. You will be a great doctor!


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