Friday, March 11, 2016


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by Morley Evans

Murray N. Rothbard

Dear Angela,

I thank you all at for bringing Rothbard's essay to my attention. Rothbard's essay is embedded in this essay anticipating Trump the "outsider" becoming Trump the "insider." We saw glimpses of this in the Florida debate last night.

One percent have managed to stay in power since State-Level Civilization was invented in ancient Egypt over 5,000 years ago. People who lust for money and power are resourceful! Don't expect them to go quietly into the night. They will do anything to stay on top.

Uncle Murray, who I actually met at a Libertarian Party convention in Seattle, was the brightest star in the political firmament. In his essay, he revisits the political climate between 1965 and 1985 when the world seemed to be changing for the better. Rothbard thinks the Gipper was used by the élite to prevent change by fooling everyone into thinking that the opposite was happening and that the "Reagan Revolution" was “getting big government off your back." It was not. The New World Order was tightening its grip. We are on the Road to Serfdom — back to the way it always was: slaves and their masters. If one is not part of the 1% now, one won't be part of the 1% then. Don't kid yourself.

In his essay, Murray Rothbard mentions my hero Lysander Spooner:

WHY DOES THE STATE SURVIVE? It represents the interests of only 1%, or less.

The essential answer was provided a century ago by Lysander Spooner. Why does the public obey the State, and go further to endorse statist policies that benefit the Power Elite at the public’s own expense? The answer, wrote Spooner, is that the State is supported by three powerful groups: knaves, who know what is going on and benefit from State rule; dupes, who are fooled into thinking that State rule is in their and everyone else’s interest; and cowards, who know the truth but are afraid to proclaim that the emperor has no clothes. I think we can refine Spooner’s analysis and merge the Knave and Coward categories; after all, the renegade sellout confronts the carrot and the stick: the carrot of wealth, cushy jobs, and prestige if he goes along with the Emperor; and the stick of scorn, exclusion from wealth, prestige, and jobs – and perhaps worse – if he fails to go along. The reason that Reagan got away with it – in addition to his aw-shucks "lovability" – is that various powerful groups were either duped or knave-cowardly corrupted into hailing his alleged triumphs and deep-sixing his evident failures.

Rothbard tells us that the United State gets virtually NO oil from the Middle East, a fact that would surprise everyone, I’m sure. But I know. Americans get most of their imported oil from Canada, Mexico, and Venezuela and always have.

I am hoping and praying for the collapse on the Dollar $$$$$ Empire. The sooner the better.

- Morley

P.S.: Oil is a world market. When supply is restricted anywhere, the price goes up everywhere. When there is an over-supply anywhere, the price drops everywhere. This can happen when demand falls and there is a glut on the market. Oil is fungible. Any barrel of oil from anywhere can be substituted for any other barrel of oil anywhere. Markets can be manipulated and they are manipulated, by people who know how to do it. Members of the 1% know how it is done. But even they make mistakes. Remember Bunker Hunt, the Saudis, and the silver spike? They tried to corner the market.

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