Monday, March 14, 2016


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by Morley Evans

Donald J. Trump

Dear Riaz,

I’m guessing that you hate Donald Trump like everyone else. I could be wrong of course, you don’t hate anyone, but you don’t fit the profile of the people who are supporting Trump either. Who is that crazy woman who once was the Governor of Alaska? She’s an ignoramus. You aren’t anything like her. 

Will Trump become the next POTUS? He might. Everyone has underestimated Trump so far. He plays the American political game better than anyone ever has. Tom Brokaw thinks it is a distinct possibility that Trump will become the "leader of the free world." I like Bernie, myself. The FORWARD says Trump has the deepest Jewish roots of any GOP hopeful. Trump has deeper Jewish roots than any Democratic candidate other than Bernie who is a Jew.

Trump is funding his own campaign with his own billions he says. Is that $4 billion or is it $10 billion? Actually, Trump is riding on FREE publicity. He is not spending a dime of his own money. Trump has had everyone talking about him since before he announced he would be running. Nobody has been talking about anybody else since then. I am talking about Trump in this letter, aren’t I? The political publicity formula includes, “I don’t care what you say about me as long as you spell my name right. My name is T-R-U-M-P."

If Donald Trump became the POTUS he might do dastardly things: he could set up concentration camps and imprison groups that threaten Americans. Trump could drop nuclear bombs on innocent civilians. Trump could turn "the most powerful military the world has ever known” onto people living in less developed countries. Trump could eviscerate the U.S. Constitution and militarize the American police forces. Trump could set up as many as 20 intelligence services to spy on everyone. Trump could authorize 'extra-judicial' assassinations. Trump could set up secret prisons where anyone he doesn't like could be incarcerated without trial. They would be tortured. Trump could destroy countries that he doesn’t like, steal their goods and murder their leaders. Trump could kill millions of innocent people. Trump could start a world war. Trump might build a wall to block terrorists south of the Rio Grande from getting into the USA. Trump could arrest and deport thousands of undocumented workers. Trump could create an American Gulag and imprison more people — mostly black — than any country on earth. Racism might rear its ugly head throughout the USA. Life under Trump would be terrible. We sure don’t want Trump. We don't want anything like that to happen.

You say Americans have already done all of those things and are doing them now? Really? Does anyone know that?

Many Americans are threatening to move to Canada if Donald Trump becomes the President of the United States (the POTUS). I’m not all that crazy about Canada, myself. I may join Edward Snowden in Russia. Too bad I have no value as a defector, but I do seem to be on my way to becoming the most popular man in Kiev. One day, I might be like Elvis!

The Lord works in mysterious ways.

As far as the Zionist entity — AKA ‘Israel’ — goes, Neturei Karta has it right: 'Israel’ should be peacefully dismantled and turned over to its rightful owners, the Palestinians. Jews who want to live with their neighbours would be welcome to stay as they always were. Everyone would live under Sharia Law. This will happen when the American dollar collapses and Washington's Empire goes “poof.” 

The Zionist entity was created by and has always been run by racist paranoiacs who should be locked up with the other criminally insane who have infested Washington. Washington excels at Divide and Rule. When the dollar $$$$$ empire collapses the world will return to normal. Shia, Sunni, Alawites, Druze, Jews, Christians and other religious and ethnic groups peacefully lived together for 700 years in the Ottoman Empire. It hasn't "always been this way." Peace lasted until WW I which was likely engineered by the only beneficiary of that war, the United States of America.

The world was transformed.

Have a great day in Calgary, Riaz.


Riazuddin Ahmed is a spokesman for Muslims for Peace and Justice

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