Monday, July 18, 2016

Coup D'état: TURKEY 2016

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by Morley Evans

The first line in the Universal Operations Manual for Coup D'état reads: "Arrest the Head of State and shoot him." Pretty simple. The rest of the manual deals with secret and extensive preparations and carefully planned and swiftly coordinated operations. 

The epilogue warns: "When you cut off the head, the body dies. When your coup fails, you die."

None of those things carefully outlined in the Manual happened. Now the conspirators will die. What happened?

Is the Turkish military so incompetent it cannot organize a coup? Why was the coup so un-coordinated? So amateurish? Why was Erdogan not arrested? Why didn't anyone even know where he was?

It is highly likely that this was a false flag attack engineered by Erdogan himself. He is using the failed coup to purge the military, the judiciary, and the police of his enemies. The Parliament has been cleared with a warning of a bomb threat. It has already been strafed from the air. Turkish secular democracy appears to be ending.

Erdogan seems to be on his way to becoming a dictator. We will know within a week. The military didn't read the Manual because the military didn't plan a coup. Erdogan read the Manual. 

The CIA would have helped. Silencing opposition in Turkey is coordinated with the Nice Terrorist Attack and marshal law in France. Washington continues to strengthen its hand and tighten the noose around our necks. Nuclear war with Russia may be "The October Surprise." In 2017, the Hilldebeast may rule the world for the globalist élite, the 1%.

They would rule a smoking radioactive cinder. You should wake up.


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