Friday, July 1, 2016


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by Morley Evans

The European Union claims to benefit Europeans economically and politically with free trade among members and by preventing war. Yet it seems to only benefit the super élite while it robs member states and their people of sovereignty that has been usurped by the unelected EU Commission and the bureaucracy in Brussels. The European Parliament and its members rubber stamp legislation given to them by the bureaucracy. Critics say the EU and NATO are imperial tools of Washington.

The EU seems to be a tool of Germany and France as many in this film appear to think. They are British. Deeper analysis indicates puppeteers not only control the European Union and the heads of state of Europe but also Washington itself.

Of course, the United States used Nazis after WWII. Wernher von Braun is only the best known example. Did the Nazis have a plan to create a new Europe owned and run by themselves? Did Napoleon have a plan to create a new Europe owned and run by himself? Napoleon's scheme was called the "continental system." Did Washington put the Nazi plan into operation in 1945. Of course.

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