Tuesday, June 28, 2016


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by Morley Evans

Dear Dr. Garcia,

Thank you for restoring my sight. Thank God for you! You are what a doctor should be. After a week, I can report that I have had no problems with the Intraocular Lens transplantation you performed on my right eye on 13 June 2016. This duplicates my experience with the same surgery that you performed on my left eye on 29 February 2016.

They were both as much trouble as a haircut and they took about as long. If this sounds demeaning, it is not. Walking across the Grand Canyon on a tightrope looks easy to everyone, if they are watching an expert. Thank you!

I am very happy with my decision to have a lens in my left eye that allows distance vision and a different lens in my right eye that allows reading. When I am looking at something in the distance, my left eye is dominant. There is no difference when I close my right eye. When I close my left eye everything is blurred. When I am reading, everything is reversed. There is no difference when I close my left eye. When I close my right eye everything is blurred — but I can still read! With my readers, both eyes are reading. With my old glasses, the left lens is a mess, but the right lens corrects my nearsightedness. One day, I will ask Dr. Gaucher to retest my eyes. The left lens will need to be blank. The right lens will need to be unchanged.

I am very happy with you, Dr. Garcia! I can see without glasses for the first time since I was six. (Too bad I hadn't discovered Dr. Bates then.)

I am very unhappy with Dr. Ryan Eidsness and with the Canadian medical system. Organized medicine in Canada allows Dr. Eidsness and other incompetent and irresponsible doctors to practice medicine. Worse yet, it protects them from their misdeeds. Something should be done. But I doubt if anything ever will be done. Canadians will have to wait for the entire system to collapse. They don’t have long to wait. Legions of unhappy, abused people are lining up. They are patients who haven’t been killed by doctors but only maimed and relatives of patients who have been killed by doctors. You can find them on the Internet, wailing in the wilderness. Medical costs continue to skyrocket to unsustainable heights.

With three exceptions, I would have been better off had I never seen a doctor in my life. Those exceptions are Dr. Cowan who saved me, my sister, and our mother, who was eclamptic, when I was born in 1947; Dr. "Mac" Mackenzie, who saved me from anaphylaxis at Christmas when I was four; and you, who repaired a retinal tear in my right eye a couple of years ago. Every other doctor I have seen in the last 68 years either harmed me or saved me from what another doctor did to me. 

The medical system that replaces the system Canadians currently have will at least include a feedback loop built into it that facilitates quality control. Quality medical care and concern for patients is not a goal of the Canadian Medical Association (est. 1867); the Canadian Medical Protective Association (est. 1901); The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada (est. 1926); or any of the provincial Colleges of Physicians and Surgeons.

Patient well-being is definitely not a concern of the pharmaceutical industry! Money and even more money is the guiding goal of Canadian pharmaceutical medicine.

Things would be worse than they are if there were no good doctors like you, Dr. Garcia. How many good doctors are practicing and how many bad doctors are practicing is unknown by anyone. Every doctor wears the same brand. Dr. Ryan Eidsness, MD, wears the same brand of excellence as you, Dr. Garcia. That is a crime. It is a felony. Going to the doctor should not be a walk through a minefield. Organized medicine is to blame.

Lawyers and Legislators have coddled this lawlessness in Canada for the entire history of the country. Canadians look down their noses on everyone else. What nerve! I invite you to think of this when everyone is singing O Canada in a few days.

Morley Evans


A). In 68 years of medical abuse, only two doctors in Regina saved me from what other doctors in Regina did to me: 1). Dr. Buwembo in 2000 and 2). you, Dr. Garcia, in 2016. All of the doctors who harmed me were practicing medicine in Regina. I have travelled and lived in many places around the world. I didn't have — or need — a doctor. Why not? Could it be the water here in Regina? Maybe it's the doctors here: Regina is a cozy medical coterie — a ball of vipers in the Canadian medical snake pit. Someone should want to know about this, but they don’t want to know. That is extraordinary. It is disgraceful! O Canada, indeed.

B). Dr. Eidsness damaged my eyes with severe cataracts after "one drop of Lumigan® in each eye before bed time." Had I awakened stone blind, instead of with cataracts, nothing would be different, except that nobody would have been able to do anything about it. Dr. Eidsness ran away and hid. Dr. Mervitz dismissed the "idiosyncratic drug reaction" he said I had with Lumigan®. Dr. Mervitz gave me a lecture on the sanctity of doctors and he threatened me. "When you go to a doctor, you must be a good boy," he warned. "Otherwise a surgeon's hand may slip." Organized medicine posts its intentions to ignore complaints online for all to see. It's the first thing they say. Threats? They don't seem to understand that I haven't been twelve years old for a long time.

C). Had I followed Dr. Eidsness's prescription to "put one drop of Lumigan® in each eye at bed time," I would have been blind when he scheduled me to see him in six months.

I am not blind, by the Grace of God. I am not dead by the Grace of God. Thank God.

God bless you, Dr. Garcia. Thank you, sir.

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