Sunday, June 12, 2016


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by Morley Evans

A list of near misses has been compiled. We are skating on thin ice, whoever has his finger on the nuclear button. Today, everyone's attention has been diverted to Global Warming, LGBT "rights", animal "rights" and the false flag attack du jour. The world's most lethal threat has been pushed into the background as activists worry about other things. Yet the threat of nuclear weapons is worse than it ever was. 

The Lost Nuke from the 1950 crash of US B-36 in British Columbia.
Photo credit: Dano / Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

Reagan and Gorbachev knew we must get rid of nukes, all of them.

Both Republicans and Democrats have expressed concern about entrusting presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump with the country’s nuclear codes. Some have wondered aloud if the ultimate weapons of mass destruction should be under the control of someone so erratic and vindictive.
The prospect of Trump’s finger on such a trigger makes a lot of people across the globe uneasy. But the truth is, no matter who serves as commander-in-chief, a nuclear holocaust has always been closer than we think — because of faulty equipment, dumb accidents and apparently irreducible human error.
The Union of Concerned Scientists has now put together a list of some of the near misses the world has survived. Each one is hair-raising. Taken together, they are utterly terrifying.

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