Friday, June 24, 2016


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by Morley Evans

Referendum 20160623

Dear PCR,

Thank you for your analysis of this very important issue. I'm afraid few in Britain understand what is happening and why what they choose is historically important. To paraphrase a prominent LEAVE proponent: British people voting to stay in the EU, will be voting to have themselves gagged, bound, and locked in the truck of a car that will be driven by unknown people to an unknown destination at an unknown speed. The drivers will be following orders from Washington. The American Revolution, that was started in 1776, will be complete. The global 1% élite will slam and lock another door in Prison Planet.

- Morley Evans

Dear PCR,

BREXIT Thank God! Satan's handiwork may now start to unwravel. First the European Union, then NATO, then Satan's grip on Washington. Norway is not in the EU. Is Norway on death's door? I haven't heard that it is. Switzerland is not in the EU! The French Assembly voted to dump the sanctions on Russia. Will the Commission let France do that? German business leaders want peace with Russia. Bismarck was right: "The first rule of successful German politics is to make a good peace with Russia." The people of Greece, Italy, Spain, and Ireland are being screwed by the EU and its bankster élite. Will they dump the EU? One hopes. My beautiful young Ukrainian girlfriends may be saved from a fate worse than the Syrian fate. I have ten Ukrainian girlfriends.  I love them all. Their safety, happiness, and well-being is my ulterior agenda. Thanks PCR! Your voice may have been heard.

- Morley 

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