Friday, June 17, 2016


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by Morley Evans

Hillary Clinton thinks Washington rules the world. Washington has decided to destroy Syria BUT Russia and China are denying the Divine Right of Washington. How dare they! Is Hillary the person you want to have her finger on the nuclear button?

Do you remember the Democratic Party campaign for Lyndon B. Johnson in 1964? Barry Goldwater was presented as the man to defeat because he would start a nuclear war. It worked. Americans elected Lyndon B. Johnson, the man who many say organized the murder of JFK. I think so. Americans got a President who brought them the War in Vietnam and made the Middle East much less safe by engineering the Six Day War along with nukes, billions annually, and unlimited US support, for Israel. 

Democrats love peace everyone believes. Presidents who are Democrats are responsible for U.S. involvement in these wars:

World War I — Woodrow Wilson
World War II — Franklin Delano Roosevelt
World War II with nukes —Harry Truman
The Cold War — Harry Truman
The Korean War — Harry Truman
The War in Vietnam — Lyndon B. Johnson
The Six Day War — Lyndon B. Johnson
The destruction of Yugoslavia — Bill Clinton
The War on Serbia — Bill Clinton
The midterm War on Iraq — Bill Clinton
The War on Syria — Barak Obama
The War on Iraq — Barak Obama
The War on Afghanistan — Barak Obama
The Destruction of Libya — Barak Obama
The War on Pakistan — Barak Obama
The War on Yemen — Barak Obama

There is good evidence that the United States worked behind the scenes to start all these wars. Others were blamed for all of them. This list does not include wars and subterfuge in South America, Central America, Mexico and Africa.

Hillary Clinton assisted Bill Clinton during his Presidency which she now claims qualifies her to be the President of the United States. Clinton proudly claims to have once been a "Goldwater Girl". As a Senator, Hillary voted to invade and destroy Iraq. As Secretary of State, Hillary led the destruction and looting of Libya, the murder of Qaddafi, and the creation of millions of victims of "regime change" across North Africa and throughout the Middle East (the Levant and Mesopotamia.) Democrats are major contributors to Washington's world-wide empire. Democrats are full partners in global war everywhere all the time (24/7). 

Democrats l-o-v-e war.

Why did they give Barak Obama (the drone war king) the Nobel Peace Prize? Obama has eviscerated the US Constitution and is turning the home of Liberty into a police state.

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