Tuesday, June 7, 2016


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by Morley Evans

When the Soviet Union dissolved in 1991, Russians awaked from a nightmare that began in 1917 with the Bolsheviks, Stalin and then Hitler. When Russians threw off Communism to embrace Western values, they expected to be warmly welcomed by the West, which had been their adversary for most of the 20th century. Instead, Russia was surrounded by wolves who intended to take advantage of a weakened Russia and steal their stuff

Under the leadership of Vladimir Putin, the new Russian Federation recovered. Meanwhile, the neocons, who had taken hold of Washington during the Bill Clinton Presidency, pressed the United States to remain the "unipower"— the world hegemon. They have restarted the Cold War which had been ended by Gorbachev and Reagan. By demonizing and threatening Russia, Washington risks starting WW III which they think the United States can win. BUT everyone will lose a nuclear war.

Russian invitations to cooperate and build friendship have been spurned. Russians have been insulted.

Here's what the Information Clearing House reports:

Disgusted, Russia Officially Gives Up Any Pretense of "Dialog" With the AngloZionist Empire 

By The Saker

The full address of President Putin to the Federal Assembly is now available online and, since this is a very long text, I will not re-post it here.   What I propose to do here is to bring to your attention four verbatim excerpts from his speech with some key segments bolded out.

Most of the speech was on economic and internal matters, but I think that these four points and, especially, the expressions chosen by Putin really "tell the story" of what the Kremlin's position vis-à-vis the West is nowadays.  See for yourself:



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