Thursday, July 21, 2016


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by Morley Evans

Dearest darling beautiful Ola Ola,

In an effort to get my spending under control, I advised all of my girl friends at CharmDate that I would not be reading their letters or writing to them anymore. They were all very concerned. They wrote heart-wrenching letters which I promised not to read. I read them.

Mariya's words are true: "Every woman is a flower which wants to be picked one day by the man who stopped to admire her beauty and fragrance and will feel he wants her. I feel it from you, my Morley.  The happy woman will give him a lifetime of fragrance and beauty, but over time they will fade, she will fade more and more until will get only a shadow of what she once was. And yet every woman deserves to fade in the loving arms of the one who has enjoyed her fragrance and beauty. I wish you a sweet day."

Every flower wants to be the only flower her man will pick. Here in the Ukraine I have picked a bouquet of beautiful flowers. From the beginning, every one has sincerely expressed her undying love. I sincerely love every one of my flowers. When I am with you, Olya, you are the only flower in the world. My love for you cannot diminish my love for the others. Does a mother or father love the other children less because one of the children is loved? 

I am very concerned about all of my flowers this morning. I am very concerned about the entire garden:

Numerous reliable sources indicate war with Russia is imminent — only days away. It appears that Washington is about to play its last card. Putin's warnings that the world faces incineration if this is not stopped have been disregarded. Nothing about this extremely dangerous situation is in the news here. Our people continue to be brainwashed with Washington's "clear-mind" detergent. They are concerned only about foolish things like shopping and celebrities. What could be more important than avoiding WW III? Please watch this:

Olya, it is very important that you and I continue to communicate with eMail. You don’t need the help of a translator, do you? I want you and your mom to prepare for the worst. You may want to join your father in Russia, although no one will be safe anywhere. No one is safe here! Warn your family and friends. I don’t want you to panic. I want you to pray! I know you understand this. Most do not. My sister, for example, is too busy. “What can I do about it anyway," she asks? 

I had hoped to come to visit in August or September. Let's hope I can still do that. Pray for the best.

Never forget that I love you, Olya. We can have a wonderful life together. I dream of you night and day.

Love, люблю
- Morley

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