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by Morley Evans

Slick Willy Clinton

Bill Clinton has been accused of rape throughout his life: he was kicked out of Oxford for "sexual misconduct." Wikipedia records this among other things: [a]

Paula Jones
According to Paula Jones' account, on May 8, 1991, she was escorted to Clinton's hotel room in Little Rock, Arkansas[8] where he propositioned and exposed himself to her. She claimed she kept quiet about the incident until 1994, when a David Brock story in the American Spectator magazine printed an account. In any case, in 1994, Jones filed a federal lawsuit against Clinton, alleging sexual harassment. In the discovery stage of the suit, Jones's lawyers had the opportunity to question Clinton under oath about his sexual history; in the course of this testimony, Clinton denied having had a sexual affair with Monica Lewinsky, a denial that (once his affair with Lewinsky was exposed) would lead to his impeachment for perjury and obstruction of justice.[9]

Several witnesses disputed Jones's account, including her sister and brother-in-law. These witnesses contended that she had described her encounter with Clinton as "happy" and "gentle." In addition, Jones had claimed to friends that Clinton had a "distinguishing mark" on his penis, a claim that was revealed to be false by investigators.[10]

In April 1998, the case was dismissed by Republican Judge Susan Webber Wright as lacking legal merit.[11] But Jones appealed Webber Wright's ruling, and her suit gained traction following Clinton's admission to having an affair with Monica Lewinsky in August 1998.[12]

On appeal, in the midst of his trial for impeachment based on his testimony in the Jones case, Clinton was faced with the prospect of having to go under oath again and testify more about his sexual history. Instead, Clinton agreed to an out-of-court settlement, paying Jones and her lawyers $850,000 to drop the suit; the vast majority of this money was used to pay Jones's legal fees.[13] Clinton's lawyer said that the President made the settlement only so he could end the lawsuit for good and move on with his life.[14]

Bill Clinton was impeached. He was then acquitted by the Senate.[b]



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