Tuesday, October 25, 2016


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by Morley Evans

This is very simple: If you want World War III and death for everyone on the planet, you should vote for Hillary Clinton. This person is a VERY DANGEROUS THREAT TO YOU

Hillary and her neocon crazies should be wearing Napoleon hats and straightjackets. They should be locked up in a rubber room where they would be free to plot their next take-over of the world without harming any more than those whom they have already killed. End the bloodshed.

Or as Hillary ranted and raved while shaking and frothing at the mouth, "If that "f**king bastard" wins, we all hang from nooses!"
Could be . . . 

She's nuts. You decide. It's up to you. Do you really want to kill everyone? Hillary does. She's already killed and displaced millions of people. You can look at her record. She's nuts.

Hillary's record:

(1992-2000) As the "first wife" Hillary anointed herself as the "co-President" and behind-the-scenes participated in the destruction of Yugoslavia, the bombing of Serbia into the Stone Age and turning Kosovo over to gangsters and drug dealers.

(2001-2009) As Senator for New York State, Hillary voted for the invasion of and destruction of Iraq — turning Iraq into the slaughterhouse it is today.

(2009-2013) As Secretary of State in the blood-soaked Obama presidency, Hillary pushed for the destruction of Libya, and the murder of Muammar Gaddafi. This was followed by the creation of ISIS, the invasion of Syria, the attempted ouster of Bashar Assad and the destruction of Syria — turning Syria into the slaughterhouse it is today. And don't forget Afghanistan, or Pakistan or Yemen.

As President, Hillary will proceed with her plan for "regime change" and the dismemberment of Russia. Remember Yugoslavia. Remember Iraq. Remember Libya. Remember Syria. "Putin must go," she says. This follows Hillary's well-established pattern and will lead to nuclear war. War is the plan, unless Russia capitulates. Hillary and her neocon morons are playing with fire. Do you have plans to survive WW III? You can bet that Hillary and her friends do. 

Don't be fooled by her smile. Hillary is a psychopathic killer, plain and simple. You are not safe when Hillary has power. DON'T GIVE HER ANY. Keep this in mind: psychotics are dangerous. If you let them play with fire, you will get burned.

Hillary Clinton in costume 2016

Will Russia capitulate? Make no mistake: Russians are not fools. Putin has repeatedly warned that continuing encroachment on Russia puts the world in grave danger. Russia has advanced nuclear weapons and a 21st century military. As history has proven, Russians will defend themselves. Putin has repeatedly told everyone that Russia poses no threat to anyone. Yet, Putin is demonized as the new Hitler by Hillary Clinton. War (Called "Defense" since the National Security Act was passed in 1947) is very profitable. Oh, don't forget that China is on Hillary's hit list. China has advanced nuclear weapons too.

REMEMBER: If you want to die and kill everyone you know, Vote for Hillary Clinton.



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