Tuesday, October 18, 2016


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by Morley Evans

I don't agree with everything Trump says, but November 8th really is everyone's last chance. If Hillary Clinton is elected as the POTUS, that will be the end for everyone. Even members of the 1% are doomed if they manage to get Hillary elected. Some Fungi and Microbes may survive the war she starts. You won't.

Consider this: THE PLAN is to get rid of us. That's why there is no Civil Defence Plan and never was. They put us to sleep so their loonies, like Hillary Clinton and Lindsey Graham, can play fast and loose with our lives. Our "Leaders" have been working to get rid of us since the Club of Rome was formed in 1968, probably before. We are the "useless eaters" that Lenin identified. Our "Leaders" are the Morlocks that H.G. Wells described. Our "Leaders" DO NOT CARE ABOUT US, at all, as George Carlin stated.

Too bad the race to become the POTUS is determined by the Electoral College, not by the people of the United States. They already know who is going to win. Electors are chosen by each State political party to support the candidate of their party. On November 8th, the people when voting for a candidate for President are actually voting for an Elector — a person totally unknown to the voter! Electors may or may not vote for the candidate the American voter has chosen. Crazy? You bet!

The Electoral College (USA)

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