Thursday, June 1, 2017


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by Morley Evans

The "Gay" flag

I have been reminded all morning that June is LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) month. Everyone is invited (no, everyone is compelled) to celebrate and embrace "diversity". They must put aside any feelings they may have of revulsion. Tolerance is not good enough. Practices God condemned in Sodom and Gomorrah shall no longer be reviled. After all, God is Dead. Lucifer Rules!

Old-fashioned morals are no longer acceptable in the 21st century. "Choice" and "Diversity" are required in the Secular Era. The "traditional" family is old-fashioned. One day soon, we can expect babies to be born in bottles in state laboratories. Women will be free of the role biology dictated. FREEDOM! These new and improved creatures will be GMOs (genetically modified organisms). They will be bigger, stronger, more beautiful, and very long-lived. Humanity will be ruled by "artificial intelligence", not God. God is already obsolete. √Člite men know better. They decide for everyone. Soon a computer will dictate.

A Brave New World is dawning. The human herd is busy fighting "bullying" and "global warming". Everyone is so busy promoting "democracy" and "human rights" they have no time to notice the Israeli abominations in Palestine and the Saudi abominations in Arabia. The information people are fed excludes what people shouldn't know so they can't come to undesired conclusions. The herd is kept busy. People who are busy don't have time to notice the crimes against humanity that are being committed every day by Washington and its vassals. Those crimes would make Nazis gasp!

Does this sound like Bolshevism? Does anyone remember the "Sexual Revolution"? "Women's Rights"? "Animal rights"? "Non-smokers Rights"? Everyone and all things have "rights" EXCEPT anyone who does not agree with the program. They have no rights. Majorities are mere cattle being led to slaughter.

Who is promoting this? Can you guess?


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