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by Morley Evans

These links to casualties suffered in World Wars I and II reverse what most people — especially Americans — believe. Most people believe Washington's official line that the United States saved the world from slavery and destruction at great expense to Americans in blood and treasure. That is a complete lie. We are taught that the Nazi Joseph Goebbels was the master of propaganda. That is a lie. He was learning his craft from the true masters of propaganda, the Americans, who learned the craft from the British. Modern public relations and propaganda were invented by Edward Bernays who wrote that history is a weapon. 

Controlling what masses believe is the key to power because masses are always in control. "What if war were declared and no one came?"

World War II

World War I

Great Britain, world hegemon for centuries, spent a million dollars a minute for four years to fight the Great War. A million dollars then was worth much much more than now. It was a fortune. Great Britain never recovered. The British Empire was doomed. In 1914, there were twelve empires that ruled the world. (British, French, German, Russian, Austrian-Hungarian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Belgian, American, Italian, and Japanese. The Chinese Empire had ceased to exist in 1911 when the Emperor abdicated. In 1918 there was only one, de facto, Washington's empire.

Qui Bono? 

World War I was a master-stroke of divide and rule. The empires formed two groups and set to work destroying each other (largely using American-invented and developed weapons including aeroplanes, submarines, repeating rifles, trenches, barbed wire, modern artillery, and, most importantly, machine guns).

Whatever happens, we have got
The Maxim gun and they have not.

At the last minute, after both sides were exhausted, Washington stepped in to declare victory and take control of the peace. It would take one more World War — following the same pattern — to consolidate power in Washington with The Great Victory of 1945

Washington's rise began with the American Civil War which set two groups of Americans against each other to rewrite the letter and spirit of the U.S. Constitution. In 1944 Breton Woods made the U.S. dollar the world reserve currency. In 1947, the National Security Act was passed and the United States proclaimed itself the "leader of the free world." 

Though impossible for mortals to detect at the time, the demise of Washington's empire began in 1945. It was all for nought. Hundreds of millions had been slaughtered for nothing.

The best-laid plans of mice and men / Go oft awry

Satan is laughing.


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