Wednesday, June 7, 2017


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by Morley Evans


I am offended. Armed robbery offends me. I am VERY offended. I was robbed of $214 by the Regina Municipal Police Officer Unit Number 5308 under the TRAFFIC SAFETY ACT, Section 200(2).

The picture below clearly shows that I was driving on a deserted street, minding my own business, not endangering anyone's life or property BECAUSE NO ONE WAS THERE! I was driving at a prudent speed (52 kph), legal in the next block, but not legal in this block because this particular block is a SPEED TRAP which all school zones are everywhere.

To add insult to injury, I was forced (At gunpoint — the State has lots of guns and other things.) to plead guilty and say I am a criminal. That is supposed to absolve the real criminal, Police Officer Unit Number 5308, whoever or whatever that may be, and the entire "justice" system that supports this racket. The "perps" run the system.

Notice of Offence? Thanks. I AM OFFENDED. 

Too bad Police Officer Unit Number 5308 didn't show his face so I could vent my rage and dress him down. Maybe Unit Number 5308 would pull a gun and prove my point that this is armed robbery. Perhaps Unit Number 5308 would shoot me. Police do that in other jurisdictions. The police are a menace. Their contribution to a decent society is zero.

Too bad "Columbo" with Peter Falk was only a TV show. Frank Serpico gave us a glimpse into the dark side of real-life police work. On a bright note, Regina did have its own Deputy Chief of Police, Denis Chisholm. Back to the dark side, Robocop and his camera are on the force today. Hello, Unit 5308! You prick.

This is where we are going. Canada follows the leader. Don't kid yourself. We are not different.

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