Sunday, October 29, 2017


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by Morley Evans

Now for the really BIG QUESTION. 

How did the Dallas Police Department identify Lee Harvey Oswald as the probable killer of John Fitzgerald Kennedy? 

No one has asked that question in 50 years. Isn't that amazing?

They say Officer J.D. Tippit stopped someone who resembled the assassin. Tippit was then killed by the suspect who turned out to be Lee Harvey Oswald who was arrested a few minutes later while he was hiding out in a movie theatre. For that matter, why did the Dallas Police Department suspect Oswald of killing Officer Tippit? 

Officer Tippit, who was miles away from the Texas School Book Depository, could have been given a description by radio of the assassin by the Dallas Police Department. Where did the Dallas Police Department get a description of the assassin immediately after the assassination? 

Did Tippit know Oswald already? Why did Oswald go to Oak Cliff, a Dallas suburb (on a city bus, yet!)? Why was Tippit dispatched there?

Could it be that Lee Harvey Oswald was the designated suspect before JFK was assassinated? 

It is likely that Oswald was a CIA asset created by the Agency to be used for some unforeseen purpose at some future date. Oswald was taught by someone to speak Russian perhaps while he was stationed in Japan. Oswald was so fluent in Russian that his future wife, Marina, said that she thought Oswald was a Russian when she first met him. Russian is not an easy language to learn. Oswald had never displayed an aptitude for quick learning at any time before, or later.

What will investigators conclude after they have examined the documents that were released yesterday? What indeed.

Was Oswald a patsy just as he claimed? Did Oswald know he was being set up? Was Oswald framed and then murdered? What motive did Jack Ruby have to kill Lee Harvey Oswald? That is a puzzle that has never been solved. Was Jack Ruby a programmed killer? Was Ruby a "Manchurian candidate"? Was Sirhan Sirhan another one?

The case is closed by the intrepid DPD hours after the assassination

Oswald was reported to the police for having snuck into the Texas Theatre without buying a ticket. Whoa! The Dallas Police Department sent a phalanx of officers to arrest the gate-crasher. You'd better not try anything funny in Dallas! They are strict in Texas.

James Jesus Angleton, Chief of Counter Intelligence CIA


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