Tuesday, July 31, 2018


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by Morley Evans

I WILL BE SEVENTY-ONE YEARS OLD on September First. I went to a funeral last week. The deceased was two months older than me. Reviewing my life, I can say the following. Don't worry, I'll keep it short. This is not a sob story.

Had I not returned to Regina from Japan in 1970 none of the bad things that happened to me would have happened. Something worse might have happened. Something better might have happened. There is no way to say what would have happened only what would not have happened. Had I not learned what I learned at Antaiji, my Zen monastery in Kyoto, I would not have endured what happened to me when I left. As a victim of Malpractice, I am not unique. I may be unique because I have survived and I know what happened. I write things down. I have a very good memory. I cross-check what I remember with known facts. 

Dr Cowan saved my life when I was born. My mother had preeclampsia. I was a breech birth. I was a twin. All the other doctors (and dentists) since then who helped me saved me from the harm other doctors had done. I can say that without reservation. According to Mother, I was a strong healthy baby boy until I caught the flu when I was three. I have no idea what they did to me in the General Hospital. She said I was never the same after that. I remember some of it.

My life-changing event was the anaphylactic shock at Christmas in 1951. I was four. From then on I had allergies and asthma. Doctors prescribed Tedral® which ruined my entire childhood. At the time side-effects did not exist but I knew all about side effects. That takes me to Grade Nine when Dr Sean Coneghan prescribed a steroid inhaler. It was a new thing. It was a godsend. It had none of the Tedral® side effects. It had other side effects, of course.

High school — Nine to Twelve — were my lost years. Like medicine, every dime Canadians spend on "education" could be saved by getting rid of what we have. Goodbye, creepos.

After I returned from Japan in 1970 my health collapsed. Dr Carl Reich in Calgary prescribed Vitamins A & D along with some probiotics to aid digestion. My asthma disappeared after the first dose. It never came back as long as I took Vitamin D. I THINK THAT IS PRETTY SIGNIFICANT. Don’t you? Dr Reich, MD, an internist, was driven out of the doctor business by his wonderful doctor colleagues shortly after I saw him. He changed my life for the better. They ruined my life.

Back in Regina, I learned the hard way from Dr Coneghan, Dr WEH (Bill) Alport, and his son Dr John N. Alport not to trust doctors, what they say, or what they prescribe. These doctors get ZERO on their report cards. I hope they burn in Hell. Two of them are there now. One is on his way. I am currently facing tens of thousands of dollars to have dentists fix what dentists have done to my teeth. Dentistry is a huge racket too. Their “treatment” “drill, fill and bill” is the problem.

Had I stayed in Japan, I would not have met Dr Reich. Japanese doctors are good. They may have helped me. I don’t know.

I take no meds. I see no doctors. They don’t want me as a patient. I don’t want them. 

I exercise Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at the gym. I lift weights. My supplements cost a lot of money. I can’t use any of it to reduce my income tax. Ironically, the government gives meds to “patients” for free. Meds help to keep doctors in business. 

I will be 71 years old on September first. I am healthy. I can breathe. I have no pain! My mind is clear. I can think! My mood is excellent. My girlfriends are in their twenties. They are all beautiful. They are all sexy. Below is Elena. She is 32, the oldest. Alina is 23. I’m very proud of them. They make me happy. Had I stayed in Japan in 1970, or in Vancouver in 1983, or Los Angeles in 1989, I would not have met them. They make life worth living.

Morley (2018)


Love makes the world go 'round.

I don’t want anyone to feel sorry for me. I have spent my life digging out of mineshaft collapses. Most of them were engineered by doctors. Something should be done about them, but nothing will be done. I am not "paranoid". These are the facts. Perhaps someone can learn something from my experience. I don't expect anyone in Regina to learn anything. The people who have survived the abuse here have adapted to the system. Some became abusers. They bury those who don't adapt. By the Grace of God, I have survived. The people who screwed up my life can pay their bill. They owe a huge sum. My dream is to sail away and leave them all far behind stewing in their own juices. Most don't want to change. Some think they cannot do anything, so why bother trying. Most are part of the System.

He's a word for those who are directly responsible.

You can pay me now or pay me later. You should pay now before it's too late. The price will go way up. You know who you are, Normie.

A COUNTRY IS ITS INSTITUTIONS. Most people everywhere are good. Special thanks are due to my twin sister, Merna. Canada's institutions are all corrupt. Canadian doctors have turned themselves into an aristocracy. Medicine is the worst of Canada's institutions. Canadian medicine is bankrupting Canada while incompetent doctors kill Canadians and the Canadian "justice" system coddles the criminals. Pharmaceutical companies love it here. Canada is the most over-rated country in the world, surpassing even the United States. Regina is a pretentious, incestuous backwater. That statement will make Saskatoon happy, I'm sure. Their universal motto and standard of excellence is, "We're better than Regina." The links below lead to my experience with some of the doctors in Regina. With two exceptions, Dr Reich and Dr Cenaiko, all of my doctors were in Regina. A pox on them and the system that protects hacks and quacks pushing pills for cash $$$. 



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