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by Morley Evans

and no one gives a damn

MY CASE AGAINST Dr John N Alport, MD, Dean Ast, pharmacist, Dr Christo Annandale, MD, Merck, and Pfizer is very simple. The package inserts for Zocor® and Lipitor® both tell the patient to report any muscle pain or weakness immediately to the prescribing doctor. They tell the patient he is not qualified to discontinue any prescribed medication himself. This could be dangerous. The physicians' monographs both tell the doctor to immediately discontinue the medication if the patient reports any muscle pain or anything else. The doctors laughed off my complaints from the first day I took Zocor® from January 1992 until June 2000 when I went into a coma and stopped taking Lipitor® for obvious reasons. 

Of course, it could be argued that pharmaceutical companies hire creative writers to say whatever the companies want in the information that the companies attach to their products and that doctors are not obliged to read them or to understand what they say. Doctors may be completely illiterate. Doctors can prescribe "off label". Doctors can do anything they feel like doing because they are doctors. A doctor's lawyer can certainly make such claims and a Canadian judge would likely accept them because Canada is a lawless place after all. Anything goes. They just make it up as required.

I was tortured by Statins and the other crap they prescribed for pain all those years. It took twelve years to recover with zero help from any doctor when I got out of the hospital. When I sued, after I had spent a year to discover what had been done to me, I couldn’t find a lawyer anywhere in Canada. I found dozens of American lawyers who said I had a great case but I needed a Canadian lawyer. Gerry Spence was one of them. My friend, Robert, who is a Canadian lawyer, helped me so I could do it myself. 

During “Discovery” Dr Alport and Mr Ast testified under oath that they had never prescribed Zocor® for me or sold any to me. This is the "Chart" Alport kept on my case from March 1992 to October 1995 which proves what an irresponsible imbecile he is. By his own record, Alport prescribed Zocor twice. The second time he doubled the dose to finish me off, but I didn't die. Their perjury was coached by their lawyers (subornation). Dr Annandale was excused because he said it would be a financial hardship to come to Regina from Banff where he is hiding out. (Dr Annandale is a fugitive from South Africa where he was convicted of a felony. Someone should have fed him to lions there. I would.)

Alport went on to work for Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI) which pays him to lie in court so it can weasel out of its responsibilities. Ast sold his store and destroyed his files. Alport's brother, Ted, a pathologist, runs the Regina-Qu'Appelle Health Region which runs the Saskatchewan Department of Health which has no records either. Nor does the Saskatchewan College of Physicians and Surgeons whose first words were always "We won't help you to get any money." I naively sent files to them expecting them to do something. I would learn the SCP&S does not exist to ensure quality patient care. It is a feudal overlord which keeps its vassals (the doctors) in line. They can pull a doctor's ticket to practice medicine. The doctors who control it have power. 

The Canadian Medical Association (CMA) and its Canadian Medical Protective Association (CMPA) exist to protect doctors. The Law Society of Saskatchewan and the Canadian Bar Association exist to protect doctors. Every Canadian malpractice case is dismissed in lower courts except the handful that make it to the Supreme Court of Canada each year. Every one of them is dismissed. This has been going on since 1901 when the CMPA was set up. The Canadian Medical Association (CMA) was established in Montreal a few months after Confederation in 1867. It is a trade union for doctors. Quality medicine is not one of its goals. It was established to ensure that doctors get paid. The CMA has certainly succeeded. That is the reason no Canadian lawyer will touch a malpractice lawsuit and why Canada is a resort for the giant phamaceutical companies and for innumerable corrupt doctors.

Let's not forget the legislators. They pass the laws that protect the doctors and they collect the taxes that feed the Canadian medical system WHICH IS NOT FREE dummies.

Everyone thinks Canadian medicine is wonderful, especially left-wing Americans. Mark Twain observed that it is harder to convince people that they have been fooled than it is to fool them. He was an American. Canadians are too smug to be that smart.

The Royal Reporting Services committed perjury itself by redacting the transcript and erasing the tape-recording immediately after the hearing. My case was finally dismissed in Chambers due to the Statue of Limitations which had been revised several times during my illness. Before it was revised, my case would have been eligible, after it was revised, my case was not eligible. When it was revised again, my case was eligible again. BUT those cases that became eligible were dismissed anyway. The judge who dismissed my case had been my family’s lawyer for about thirty years. He made tons of money doing my mother's real estate sales. He should have recused himself from sitting on my case. I would feed him to lions too.

This place is so corrupt no one would believe it. Everyone thinks Canada is so nice. “Canadians are so good and kind. Rah, rah.” 

I know all about Canadians and their institutions. It's not what you think.

How do Statin Drugs work?

Forget the horseshit. Statin Drugs reduce serum cholesterol. This is how they do it. So what?

What happens when the Mevalonate pathway is cut? Serum cholesterol is reduced because cells suck it out of your blood because they need cholesterol to live. Or you die. A host of other processes are arrested too. Is one's risk of heart attack lowered? No! Does anyone live longer? No! Cholesterol blood tests are a pharmaceutical parlour trick. They are performed by ignorant doctors on even more ignorant patients (victims).

Does serum cholesterol have anything to do heart attacks? No.

Uffe Ravnskov

Statin Nation II (excerpt)

Australian Broadcasting Corporation

How Statins REALLY lower Cholesterol

Do doctors and pharmaceutical companies make bags of money pushing Statin Drugs, opioids and other noxious nostrums? You betcha! Do they care who they harm? Don't make me laugh.

Am I too hard on our devoted medical servants? Ho ho ha ha ha.

AS I WAS SLOWLY RECOVERING from Statin Drugs "therapy", I felt brave enough to go to an optometrist I had met in Kiwanis. "What harm could she do," I thought? "She's not even a "real" doctor. She won't put anything into or onto my body." The ophthalmologist to whom she referred me screwed up my eyes. Dr Ryan Eidsness, MD, is a "real" doctor. They all covered for him, ophthalmologists and optometrists. Even Dr Garcia who replaced my damaged lenses covered up for Eidsness. Something in addition to cataracts was done to my left eye. None of the "eye experts" noticed that, even when I pointed it out. Doctors are all bad, even the good ones, even the Mayo Clinic where doctors prescribe Statin Drugs.

Lions would be well fed. Burp! Listen to them scream! Doctors can scream for mercy when their own blood is being spilt. Ha ha ha.

This is my whole sordid STATIN story.

Do these bastards deserve to be driven out of business? Don't lift a finger yourself. That would be a crime. Leave everything to the lions. ROAR! SLURP! and the bone-crushing hyenas. They will be laughing with you.

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