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by Morley Evans

ISRAELI NAVY GUNBOATS keep the Gaza shoreline closed. Yes, they even have a navy with submarines. They regularly strafe Palestinians who try to use the Mediterranean beaches the way sun-bathing Israelis do in Tel Aviv. No beach life for you, Palestinians. 

"You are √ľntermenschen. You are bugs to be squashed by us. We are the master race! (Oops, we don't usually use those exact words.) Look at the number of Nobel Prizes our people have won. More than anyone! We control the world's financial system. We run some of the world's biggest businesses. We rule Hollywood, the other media, and run the universities. We control Washington and the President. Look around. We are on top!"

Israeli gunboats have stopped and arrested humanitarians who have tried to break the siege. Israeli heroes defending the "Jewish homeland" have murdered some of the people who have dared to bring food and medical supplies to the Palestinians imprisoned in this very large Israeli concentration camp where extermination is the name of the game.

Since Ariel Sharon removed the Israelis who had been illegally living in Gaza and he sealed the border, "Israel" has put the Palestinians there "on a diet" as Sharon planned. 

They have bombed schools and hospitals and destroyed the electrical system, the sanitation system, and the waterworks. The water and the ground are poisoned. Israeli snipers practice marksmanship by shooting children. (More than half of Gaza's two million people are children.) Houses are bulldozed, drones that patrol overhead assassinate "terrorists" by remote control. 

Every Palestinian is a "terrorist" so every Palestinian is fair game. Palestinians are bugs to be squashed. White phosphorous rains down burning flesh to the bone. 

Dante has been outdone in Gaza. Pol Pot and the Nazis had nothing like this.

Everyone is reminded that the Israel Defence Force (IDF) is the most moral military in history. They have God on their side!

The World-Wide-Mind-Control-System ignores this, of course. Isn't it interesting how its communications department, the Main Stream Media, manages to give 24/7 coverage to US activities on the Mexican border? Children have been taken away from their parents and put in cages there. Imagine! 

Anything that makes Trump look bad is on the agenda. There is so much to report because Trump is a buffoon. The MSM has managed to communicate the Rohingya Muslim peoples' plight too. In Myanmar (formerly Burma) Buddhists can be blamed. But "Israel" gets a blanket pass on every atrocity it commits. 

The antidote to all doubts about "Israel" and its policies is yet one more story about the Holocaust. That always excuses everything. Nothing could compare to six million killed in gas chambers and then cremated by the Nazis. It has been working flawlessly since 1945.

After the last Palestinian in Gaza is killed in only a few years, Israelis will be able to move in to develop the natural gas and oil that reportedly lies under the Gaza Strip and immediately offshore. The new oil industry would make "Israel" independent. It would be like manna from heaven, another "miracle" bestowed on God's chosen people.

Does God do things like this or does someone else do them?

Can anything help the Palestinians? Here are some who are trying. Please help them to help. Even if you can't do much, do something.

Live Fire Regulations? Israeli laws ensure lawful conduct by the world's most moral military. Shooting unarmed people is only lawful if you pass a law that says it is lawful. Many people believe that — especially legislators. I don't. I believe it is never lawful to shoot unarmed people. Murder is murder. What do you believe? "Israel" passed such a law which tells everyone that they planned to shoot unarmed protestors as they have always done. 

Shooting defenceless people is what Zionists have been doing since they started coming to Palestine in the late 19th century. They love the sneak attack and snipers who kill from hidden positions. Killing women, children, old men, and cripples is their speciality while they whine about their own victimhood, expecting everyone to kiss their ass. Anyone who refuses is "anti-Semitic" and fair game to be attacked. They've been quite successful so far. To Hell with them. They are criminally insane. Zionism is a contagious racist-paranoiac ideology. Zionists are a danger to everyone.

The single-most-important thing you readers can do is pull the chain and flush more than a century of Zionist filth out of the commode that is sleeping inside your skull. 

Don't be intimidated. WAKE UP!

JULY 3, 2018
The Next Boat to Gaza

by ELIZABETH MURRAY FacebookTwitterGoogle+RedditEmail

Photo by Donostia/San Sebastian 201 | CC BY 2.0

From aboard the “Al-Awda” at the port in Amsterdam.

Aboard the international solidarity boat Al-Awda, part of the Freedom Flotilla Coalition (FFC), we are a more motley crew than the passengers aboard the Minnow in the old US TV series McHale’s Navy [Gilligan's Island]: Among those who have joined us on one or more legs of the trip to Gaza are citizens of Spain, Israel, Norway, Malaysia, Canada (Indigenous), Denmark and the United States. Despite our diverse ages and backgrounds we have something important in common: Minds that comprehend the crimes and human rights violations being committed daily against the people of the Israeli-occupied Palestinian territories; Hearts that feel deeply the pain of those whose basic freedoms have been denied for 70 years; and Consciences that want to find a nonviolent way to reach out to these people, right the wrongs of the Gaza blockade and achieve a measure of justice.

The legitimate political representatives of our governments have failed us in having the political and moral courage to secure peace and justice for a people facing 70 years of sustained, brutal political and economic subjugation by a foreign power, Israel. Thus, we act. The international Freedom Flotilla Coalition (FFC) sails again. This time the FFC will not attempt to deliver medical supplies or foodstuffs to the suffering people of Gaza – past experience with previous FFC missions indicates that such materials will likely never end up in Gaza, or will arrive in spoiled or damaged condition. Instead, the “Al-Awda” will deliver itself – a refurbished Norwegian fishing boat – as a solidarity offering to the fisherman of Gaza, who are shot at and harassed on a daily basis, prevented from feeding their families, and whose fishing boats are regularly seized and destroyed by Israel.

There is so much misery in Gaza that could easily be alleviated, since nearly all of it is either deliberately manufactured by Israel (such as the bombing of sewage plants, the electricity grid, Gaza harbor, the undrinkable water) or is an immediate by-product of Israeli policy (widespread post-traumatic stress disorder and associated mental illnesses, a spike in the rates of cancer, once extremely rare among Palestinians). The economic blockade, the restrictions on foodstuffs and construction materials, the travel bans, and the sealed borders are all aided and abetted by the Egyptian leader al-Sisi, a close ally of Netanyahu. Under al-Sisi the Rafah border to Egypt – the only non-Israeli outlet available to the Palestinians of Gaza seeking medical aid or travel abroad – is almost always closed. These blatant violations of human rights and the Geneva Convention have occurred with the complicit wink of the US and Europe, whose weapons manufacturers profit handsomely from their arms sales to Israel.


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