Friday, August 5, 2011

End The Fed

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by Morley Evans

"If you print a lot of money, it loses value." Duh. . . Don't believe Canadian propaganda, Canadians. Canada is not exempt. Canada is not some "well-managed" financial bastion. Canada is a land of vested interests and protected monopolies. Canadians love government. Canada is part of the world-wide central banking — U.S. dollar reserve — system which is coming to an end. They may try to give their system new life by establishing a new global central bank with a one-world government that would run everything and own everything: It would be the Fourth Reich. (Actually, that's what we have now.) "It's coming down to the wire." "They can't make [the system we have] work anymore." "If we concentrate on that ideal of liberty, I believe we will find our answers."


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