Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Why Would Anyone Do That?

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by Morley Evans

Sometimes it takes me a long time to think through a problem, but the essay "Debunk" linked above cuts the Gordian Knot and destroys the theory and the empire that has been built on it for the past fifty years. Can there be "tens of thousands of miles of arteries?" There are over 100,000 miles of blood vessels in the human circulatory system. Half of them are arteries that take blood away from the heart and half of them are veins that return blood to the heart. So there are about 50,000 miles of arteries. Capillaries are included on both sides of the system. Stretched out in one line they would circle the earth two and a half times.

Why does that matter?

Cholesterol (which is inside lipoproteins) fills the entire circulatory system yet plaques occur in isolated infinitesimally small locations (compared to the entire system) and only in arteries. Arteriosclerosis is a serious problem. Cholesterol has nothing to do with it.

Following fraudster Ancel Keys, Merck pursued the idea that cholesterol causes cardiovascular disease and developed a drug to lower cholesterol. With Mevacor® (Lovastatin), Merck created the most profitable class of pharmaceutical drugs in history. They changed the food industry world-wide. Now that the patent for Zocor® (Simvastatin) has expired, Merck has lowered the price to start selling Zocor® as an "over-the-counter" drug that anyone can buy. Merck has entered into a partnership with Johnson & Johnson to market Zocor® throughout the United Kingdom. It has just been approved so pharmacies can start poisoning Britons from Land's End to John o' Groats.

As well as a host of other side effects, cholesterol lowering drugs (Statins) cause horrific birth defects in babies born to mothers unwise enough to take them, but Big Pharma is even lobbying in the United Kingdom to put Statins in the water supply. It would be their contribution to population control. Remember Thalidomide? They still make and sell it to people in the Third World. Irresponsible? Greedy? Statins would be much worse. Think of babies with two heads or babies with no heads. Elderly people who have low cholesterol die. Better Living With Chemistry?

I, myself, have very high cholesterol (9.6 mMol/L), yet I keep getting stronger and healthier. On Thursday, I bench pressed 50 pound dumbbells and completed a total lift of 6.1 tons. I still feel great four days later! Today I'm doing ball squats. In a week, I will be 64 years old. I no longer have any health problems since I got rid of Statin Drugs and the doctors who prescribed them. You'd think someone would want to know about this.

Statin Drugs lower cholesterol. Why would anyone do that?

Good nutrition, not advertising, doctors and pharmaceuticals, is the answer to bad nutrition and your key to good health.

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