Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Why You Got Fat

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by Morley Evans

Sugar and simple carbohydrates (starch), which quickly convert into sugar, make you fat, not fat. The recipe for modern diseases is sugar combined with a sedentary lifestyle. Simply put, modern living — cars, TV and Coca-Cola — are a deadly combination. To these, add pharmaceutical drugs taken to "treat" these modern diseases, stress, a plethora of man-made chemicals, and radiation (mostly from medical sources) and you have big problems. To avoid disease — and to treat disease — start by avoiding sugar and embracing whole-food nutrition. Go to a gym. Exercise regularly (3 times a week). Eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Pharmaceutical drugs and doctors cannot make you well. They can only temporarily relieve some of your symptoms while they create more disease later.

So-called modern living has been created in the West since 1945. As countries like China have become more prosperous, people who can afford modern living are developing modern diseases. Sparingly eat animal protein or go vegan. Ease and excess breed modern disease.

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