Friday, December 30, 2011


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by Morley Evans

Organizations have a life of their own. This is sometimes called "organizational culture". The people who make up an organization are to the organization what cells are to a person. The individual people in an organization affect the organization and the organization affects the individuals. An organization can live on as one generation is replaced by the next generation. To observers, both within and without, it seems that "someone" unseen is controlling the organization, but there is no one "behind the curtain" giving orders to those who can be seen in front of the curtain. "Conspiracy theories" usually involve revealing the person behind the curtain. But "conspiracy theories" are not debunked when it is demonstrated that no one is behind the curtain. A program really can continue generation after generation for hundreds of years. Such programs, or missions, only end when the organization dies.

Conspiracy exists. It is real.

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