Thursday, December 22, 2011

PERI Report

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by Morley Evans

Below is Figure 1 from a report in December 2011 by the Political Economy Research Institute of the University of Massachusetts. The gist of the report is banks and large corporations today hold an unprecedented amount of cash that could be put to work employing 19 million Americans.

This remarkable pile of cash is part of the mountain of money that has been created by Mr. Bernanke and the FED. We already have significant inflation. How the central banks have been able to put off hyperinflation to this point is even more remarkable. But sooner rather than later the financial hocus pocus will no longer work and the bubble will burst. This is inevitable. Will the banksters manage to plunge the world into a new World War in hopes of saving their necks by turning everyone against each other (and away from them) or will they be swinging from the lampposts?

A race to doomsday is underway and we're locked in the trunk. Exciting huh?

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