Thursday, December 15, 2011

Saint George

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by Morley Evans

The pharmaceutical industry is "modern medicine". It includes the pharmaceutical companies, pharmaceutical doctors who push pharmaceutical drugs, pharmaceutical medical schools, pharmaceutical hospitals, pharmaceutical nurses, pharmaceutical drug stores and the lawyers, regulators, legislators, advertisers, unions and others who protect and promote the pharmaceutical industry. The pharmaceutical industry is Big Business. This monster is a hazard to all who are malnourished, under-exercised, and medicated with pharmaceutical drugs. (Everyone who leads a "modern life" in the "modern world" — you.) The pharmaceutical industry cares not one whit about you. It will bleed you of your last dime and then throw you out with the garbage while shedding crocodile tears and whining for more money. This is big-time international drug trafficking, much bigger than the Mafia, and more dangerous because the people who run it are our leading citizens. They are so respectable. Do not fear, though. Judgement and retribution for the pharmaceutical industry is coming.

Saint George and the pharmaceutical industry

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