Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Eternal Burgers

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by Morley Evans

My friend, Joan, has a Big Mac (with fries) that is six years old. No refrigeration. No decay either. It is a miracle of modern fast food technology. But is it food? Microbes won't eat it. Microbes are too smart to eat it. Should you eat it? What is it anyway?

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Middle Child said...

Not just Maccas - but other foods strangely seem to last too long. We bought tomatoes from the supermarket years ago (buy them from a vege shop now)one tomato wasn't eaten - was in the fuitbowl on the table...we went away and ywo weeks later still the same. We kept that tomato for two months - room temp - it looked the same...I went to local paper with it and they did a story - after another month it just caved in on its self - GMO? or what? we never found out