Friday, February 22, 2013

Health and Statins

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by Morley Evans

"The Next Best Thing To Fruits And Vegetables"

Eat Right, Be Well

Statin Drugs do nothing to benefit anyone except the pharmaceutical companies who sell them and the food industry that cashes in on the ignorance that has been cultivated with bogus studies and advertising. The cholesterol hoax is the biggest money maker medicine has seen yet. Stupendous fortunes have been made selling this poison (Statin Drugs). Statin Drugs are a public health menace. Unfortunately, the pharmaceutical industry has effectively shut down its opponents with tort reform and the Daubert Opinion, but you can still learn much here:
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Tell your patients to stop taking Statin Drugs if they are taking them now. Tell them to forget about lowering cholesterol. People with low cholesterol die. Health and vitality come from good nutrition and exercise, not drugs. By-the-way, sugar, not fat, is the cause of Morbid Obesity, Coronary Heart Disease, Diabetes, Dental Caries and Cancer. Fruits and vegetables (as are contained in Juice PLUS+) reduce all risks.
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You need fat to metabolize the micronutrients these foods contain. You need fat to be healthy. You don't need sugar for anything, yet the so-called food industry puts it in everything — even meat (after they've removed the fat). People avoid fruit and vegetables, eat crap, and then go to a doctor for drugs when they get sick. The funeral industry is happy.
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