Thursday, February 28, 2013

Fruit and Vegetables

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by Morley Evans

Evans Consulting Services Announced Today that all People can Dramatically Reduce the Risk of Cardiovascular Disease, Atherosclerosis, and Stroke

Fruit and vegetable consumption is inversely associated with coronary heart disease. Clinical studies show that Juice PLUS+ delivers the nutrients required to increase plasma antioxidant nutrients and lower plasma Homocysteine, lowering all risks.

Juice PLUS+ can save your life:

Cardiovascular disease continues to be the leading cause of death in the United States and throughout the world with cancer running a close second. Millions die every year. Millions more are invalided and incapacitated, despite vast sums that have been spent on prevention and treatment.
Surgeries which includes balloon angioplasty, stents, bypasses, and heart transplants are stop-gap measures at best. Pharmaceutical drugs prescribed to lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, and correct arrhythmia create other problems for patients. Hundreds of diets and supplements have been recommended and new ones come out every day. People are bewildered.
Currently, seven to thirteen servings of fruits and vegetables a day are recommended for good health. There is no substitute for the essential ingredients they provide and more is better. These foods need to be harvested at the peak of ripeness and consumed immediately to deliver optimal nutrition. A wide variety must be included daily. Meeting these conditions is a serious challenge. The fresh food in the supermarket has traveled thousands of miles. It is a miracle of modern food handling but it is deficient.
Supplementation with the whole food nutriceutical Juice PLUS+ is essential to add to the fruits and vegetables one does consume. Juice PLUS+ is 17 encapsulated fruits, vegetables and grains. Vineyard Blend which has encapsulated berry and grape concentrate is recommended too. The stringent quality standard of Juice PLUS+ is guaranteed by NSF testing. The FDA inspects Juice PLUS+ facilities. Independent research by medical scientists in world-class medical centres and universities around the world is published in peer-revieved scientific and medical journals.
Juice PLUS+ reduces the risk of Coronary Heart Disease in a study at the University of Sydney NSW, Australia.
The University of Foggia, Italy reports:
Heart Health and Juice PLUS+


Dr. Tamara Sachs:

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