Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Brian Sinclair

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by Morley Evans

Brian Sinclair
Brian Sinclair, a 45-year-old double amputee, died in his wheelchair in September 2008 after waiting 34 hours for treatment at the Winnipeg Health Sciences Centre emergency room.

This case is a monument to how Canada treats people who are not members of the ruling élite. "Ignored To Death" should appear on Mr. Sinclair's tombstone. Maybe it does if he has one.

Why were Brian Sinclair's legs cut off? That's how modern medicine treats people with diabetic gangrene. Why would he have diabetes? Modern sugary diets and alcoholism (from which Sinclair may likely have suffered) create diabetes along with a host of problems. Why was Sinclair at a hospital? Because his bladder catheter had been blocked for hours. Why did he have a bladder catheter? That's how modern medicine treats prostate problems. Why was Sinclair indigent? He was a crippled Indian with no legs and multiple medical problems. What is wrong with his right hand? Why did he die in the waiting room of a hospital in Winnipeg? Because Brian Sinclair was not important enough to be bothered with by the very important, highly educated and highly paid people running the hospital. Had Sinclair made a fuss, he would have been thrown out by hospital security, so he quietly died unnoticed. Shame on you, Canada.

This man was killed by people who were very well paid to treat him with the things that killed him. It is a disgrace for which every Canadian should be ashamed. I know something of this first hand. I sat for hours in an ER waiting room with prostate spasm myself. I wondered if I would explode. The bladder fills but nothing can get out. I was in real discomfort, anxiety and pain, but I was much luckier than Brian Sinclair. I drove myself to the hospital. How did Sinclair get there in his wheelchair? I eventually got help and a parking ticket of $100 for parking where a great big sign said EMERGENCY PARKING. Sinclair was quietly killed. This goddamn place (Canada) that everyone is so proud of needs a swift kick in the ass.

Wake up!

"We're not to blame," say all. "We tried to help him." "We are sorry if Mr. Sinclair believes he was mistreated." "I had nothing to do with it." "We did everything we could." "It was his own fault." "Where's my cheque?"

Shame on you, Canada. Rest In Peace, Brian Sinclair.

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