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by Morley Evans

People like Molly Ivins, the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders and Lyle Lovett make Texas seem cute, but Texas has a very dark side represented by such people as Colonel House, H.L. Hunt, Lyndon Baines Johnson, George Herbert Walker Bush, and George W. Bush. Dick Cheney is as much a Texan as the Bush Presidents and Hunt.

Every place has a dark side, but in Texas, murdering political opponents appears to be part of the mainstream culture. H.L. Hunt said he kept certain people around, "to do special things for me." LBJ kept a hit-man on standby to murder people who were a problem: people like LBJ's own sister who was a prostitute in a brothel. This hit-man, it is alleged, was the shooter on the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository. Someone else was shooting from the grassy knoll. Kennedy was in a crossfire. Oswald had nothing to do with it. Oswald was seen on the second floor by several people at the time of the shooting. J.R. Ewing was cute. H.L. Hunt and the rest were and are not.

Let's not forget that half of the population of Texas are Mexicans who are not part of the power structure, that most of the other half are not part of the power structure either and that the best Congressman of recent times was Rep. Ron Paul of Texas.

The most damning evidence concerning LBJ is reported by The National Enquirer which includes the following summary from The Texas Connection by Craig I. Zirbel:

Author Zirbel notes that Johnson's bizarre behavior after the assassination strongly suggests that Johnson knew everything that had gone behind the scenes – and that the only target in Dallas that day was JFK. [and no one else]

As President Kennedy lay dying at Parkland Hospital, Zirbel notes, Johnson hung nearby. "The President had just been slain, and as far as anyone knew, that killing may have been a prelude to a nuclear military attack, a bloody coup or a wipeout of all government leaders," Zirbel says.

Despite his own security staff's orders to get him out of the area for his own safety, Johnson casually refused to budge. "In the midst of the crisis, and with himself is a possible next victim, he refused to leave until he made sure Kennedy was dead," Zirbel says.

Once at the airport to return to Washington, DC, Johnson again refused to quickly leave the area although advised to by the Secret Service, White House staff and even Bobby Kennedy.

Instead, Zirbel writes, Johnson calmly had his luggage removed from his plane to Air Force One. Then he delayed the departure even more by insisting on being sworn in as President on Texas soil.

The delays took hours as a federal judge had to be located to do the swearing-in. "Johnson passed the time by watching TV, eating and twice changed his shirt to get ready for his swearing-in ceremony!" Zirbel says.

On board Air Force One, where all were in a state of shock, "Johnson calmly ate a vegetable soup and drank JFK's bottled water," Zirbel writes.

After landing in Washington that evening, Johnson directed his top aide Cliff Carter to call Dallas District Attorney Henry Wade to order him not to allege there was a conspiracy — weather "he could prove it or not" — and ordered him to charge Oswald with the murder.

Then Carter was told to call Dallas Police Chief Jesse Curry and Police Captain William Fretz. They were ordered by Carter to hold and turn over all local evidence to the FBI in Washington — which had no jurisdiction.

Within 12 hours, "all evidence collected in the case to that point was sent to Washington, including Oswald's gun," says Zirbel.

"If Oswald was supposed to be prosecuted in Texas, why did Lyndon Johnson, on Friday night, November 22, order all the evidence shipped to Washington? His action indicated Johnson already knew Oswald would never live long enough to face trial."


Johnson also had the limo in which JFK was shot shipped to Washington, then had it moved to Detroit for complete refurbishing." All evidence of bullet holes, bullet paths, blood patterns and the occupants' exact positions at the time of the assassination were eliminated.

On the day after the assassination, and while a nation mourned its slain leader, Johnson went to work — his first act being to replace JFK's personal secretary, Evelyn Lincoln. He then ordered JFK's staff to remove all traces of JFK's effects from the White House — including his special rocking chair. Once all that was done, Johnson had a gold framed portrait of himself hung in the White House.

Johnson also told Jackie Kennedy to move out of the White House by the following Monday — the day of JFK's funeral — so he and wife Lady Bird could move then.

"These types of callous activities demonstrated cold ruthlessness of a man who was neither stricken with fear over a possible conspiracy, nor in any way mourning the loss of the leader," Zirbel says. "LBJ was clearly the man behind the assassination of John Kennedy."

The case that LBJ killed JFK:

Texas: It's like a whole other country.


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