Monday, August 5, 2013

Peace At Last

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by Morley Evans

You are probably NOT hunkered in your basement with your arms around your wife and daughter waiting for Al Qaeda to launch its latest terroristic assault. But you should be. I, myself, am terrified like every patriotic citizen should be. Every time Washington finds itself in a bind, as it did the other day when the Ruskies said they would give Snowden temporary asylum at the Moscow airport for a year while Snowden and Russia consider his options, Washington has released its latest terror alert. Remember when they had colour-coded levels of terror alert? The underwear bomber was terrifying but this terror threat promises to be even more terrifying. The top level Al Qaeda leaders are threatening to bomb targets throughout the Muslim world according to Washington. This would be even more terrifying than the terror bombing Washington carries out everyday in the Muslim world.

I am considering becoming a terrorism expert, myself. You would see me on TV. I would get paid.

If only space aliens would attack the earth. Then everyone would realize how essential the United States is to everyone on the planet. They would be truly terrified and grateful. Space aliens would be even more terrifying than Commies, Nazis, Japs and Muslims combined. People from all walks of life, everywhere, would huddle under the umbrella of safety that is being provided by Washington — at very little cost to most, I might add. Grateful people would bless Obama, JP Morgan Chase, Lockheed Martin, the CIA and NSA, Goldman Sachs and the Pentagon. The people of the world would set aside their differences to be united by terror. There is credible evidence that the CIA is working on this solution to bring about world peace. Hollywood has already made a film! Peace would come with the War of the Worlds when Mars Attacks!

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