Monday, August 26, 2013

He Killed His Own People

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By Morley Evans

The Ministry of Truth is ginning up another new war. This time the sheeple are being told that the dictatorial Assad regime in Syria has used poison gas "to kill it's own people." John Kerry is aghast that anyone would do such a despicable thing.

This is nothing more than a pretext to engage in yet another bloodbath. War and war-mongering have always been the main business of Washington as it frees the world to death by spreading freedom and democracy for everyone's own good whether they like it or not.

There are many things to be considered by people who are not brain dead. The brain dead are beyond redemption. When millions more have been slaughtered the brain dead will say, "They asked for it. They got what they deserved."
  1. This is an issue that was used to destroy Saddam Hussein's regime and to destroy Iraq. In Iraq, the United States supplied the poison gas that Saddam used to gas Kurds. Donald Rumsfeld was the go-to American big-wig who supported his pal, Saddam.
  2. John Kerry, the current U.S. Secretary of State, is no stranger to wanton murder. Kerry volunteered to serve in Vietnam to command a Swift Boat which Kerry used to slaughter innocent villagers in the Mekong Delta. Kerry was drenched in the blood of innocents but repackaged himself as a "peacenik" when he returned to Washington where the War in Vietnam and LBJ were unpopular.
  3. The United States and its allies could not care less about innocent civilians. They have dispossessed, maimed and killed millions since they began their attacks on Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Afghanistan, and U.S. ally, Pakistan. And let's not forget the former Yugoslavia where the Clinton Administration bombed Serbia into the Stone Age for humanitarian purposes.
  4. The history of the United States is drenched in the blood of innocent civilians. Bombing the enemy into the Stone Age has been the official policy since the American Civil War — before the airplane.
  5. After Libya was destroyed on exactly the same humanitarian pretext not much has been said about the humanitarian disaster that has engulfed the Libyan people since Gaddafi was murdered and Libya was destroyed. No one has the right to challenge the U.S. hegemon. 
  6. Since the Assad regime knows gassing people is the pretext the U.S. wants to launch an attack, it is doubtful they would invite an attack by gassing their own people. They are winning the Syrian civil war anyway. (Or is it really an invasion?) This is another reason to suspect the U.S. is behind the mayhem so it can step in to help the "rebels" who are creatures of the United States.
  7. The United States has no qualms about killing innocent people. The United States is the prime suspect for supplying gas that was used in Syria and for helping the killers, which the U.S. has been doing from the beginning. Remember that the U.S. and Great Britain bombed Germany into the Stone Age in WWII and the U.S. bombed Japan, North Korea and North Vietnam into the Stone Age — leveling all cities and towns and killing millions of unarmed and defenseless civilians. The U.S. and Great Britain celebrate their own actions of mass murder while they condemn others they accuse of doing the same thing who may not even be guilty.
  8. Rulers usually kill their own people when they are challenged. Since Washington considers itself the master of the world, the United States of America kills its own people when it kills anyone who dares to defy its authority. We are all Americans, by Washington's definition. We should demand our votes. 
  9. Abraham Lincoln killed his own people. In the Civil War, as many as 700,000 Confederate soldiers were killed along with an uncounted number of Confederate civilians. Southerners were Lincoln's own people. Lincoln's primary motive was to prevent secession, not to end slavery. Slavery was a pretext. Most Northerners, including Lincoln, could not have cared less about slaves and slavery.
  10. British rulers have killed their own people as a matter of course over the centuries to maintain control of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. A survey of British history from 1066 onward will confirm this. It is common knowledge. It is official British history.
In all likelihood, Washington will proceed to destroy Syria. Destruction is what Washington does. The brain dead will support them. Shame on them.

Despite its self-image as a great warrior nation, Israel was unable to destroy Iraq, Libya, Syria or even tiny Lebanon. Israel was unable to neutralize Egypt either until Nasser was replaced with Sadat who was a CIA asset. U.S. machinations should not be misconstrued as efforts to help Israel. They should rather be considered as a stick shoved into a hornet nest to stir up trouble and get the hornets fighting each other. Divide and rule is the time-tested formula of conquest. Israel is merely one of the sticks in the U.S. toolkit. Disunity, confusion and chaos in the Muslim world is the goal. Radicalized Muslims inside and between Russia and China will be useful tools to destabilize those two obstacles to U.S. supremacy.

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