Thursday, September 26, 2013

Can Doctors Not Read?

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by Morley Evans

Medical doctors cannot write. Medical doctors cannot read either. How is this possible? They are ignorant of the package inserts and the physicians monographs for the drugs they prescribe. They council their patients to ignore what these documents say. Yet doctors pride themselves on being the smartest people on the planet. Most of their patients believe them and do whatever their doctors tell them to do. Dr. Robert S. Mendelsohn, M.D., has an explanation in his book Confessions of a Medical Heretic.

Modern Medicine Exposed
The drug companies don't have to fight against package inserts that would explain the side effects and hazards of medications to the people who take them: the American Medical Association does it for them. Doctors either play down the side effects or conceal them altogether on the grounds that the doctor-patient relationship would be endangered. "If I had to explain things to patients, I could never get through my office hours." Or, "If patients knew everything these drugs could do, they never would take them." Rather than protecting the patient, the doctor protects the sacred relationship — which relies on ignorance to survive. Blind faith.

In another place, Dr. Mendelsohn explains what happened to the medical maxim: "Do No Harm." It has been replaced in Modern Medicine with "Do Something." It doesn't matter what. The more complicated, dangerous and expensive the more suitable the treatment is. If it causes more problems, so much the better. He's not making this up. For example:

I was amazed when a friend at the gym told me that he had been away for a few months because he just had quadruple bypass heart surgery. I would never have guessed there was anything wrong with him. He's very strong and had been working out several times a week in the weight room.

"My doctor said I should have bypass surgery because the stents won't last forever," he said.

"Stents," I gasped? "You already had stents?"


"What did they do with the stents," I asked?

"They're still in there," he said confidently.

They also have him on Statins and baby Aspirin just in case. I wonder if he's ever had a heart attack. I'll ask next time I see him. The government is paying for everything. The government is "Making 'historic investments' in Medicare," which is very popular with voters. Medicare was cooked up by Premier Tommy Douglas (who is a saint to some and was crowned "The Greatest Canadian" a few years ago by the CBC). Launched in 1961, Saskatchewan Medicare now costs more than everything else combined in Saskatchewan. Costs have been increasing for decades. Doctors are happy. Modern Medicine will continue booming until the bubble bursts.

Dr. Mendelsohn's books should be read by everyone who plans to see a doctor and by everyone who plans to become a doctor and by everyone who is a doctor. The Internet provides everyone with a means to learn about health and medicine. Everyone must become his own doctor.


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