Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Dr. Brian Goldman, M.D.

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by Morley Evans

Dr. Brian Goldman deserves hearty praise for standing up to be counted and for working to improve the medical mess. Unfortunately not every Canadian doctor feels remorse like Dr. Goldman. Some doctors gloat — they intended to harm some of their patients and they got away with it. Despite what most of them believe, Canadian doctors cannot be sued or brought to justice. Look at the annual reports of the CMPA which brags about how successfully it has subverted justice over the decades. Dr. Goldman says he "studied for his blood tests," but most medical doctors (that's M.D.) — they have the exclusive legal right to prescribe pharmaceutical drugs (THAT IS THEIR BUSINESS; IT DEFINES THEM) — don't even bother to read the package inserts of the drugs they prescribe! Dr. Goldman identifies some of the problems with medicine. That's a good start and good for him!

The medical industry needs to study the airline industry. Flying on a commercial jetliner is safer than going to a doctor by magnitudes of order  — especially if you are healthy. When a plane crashes, they go to extraordinary lengths to find out what happened and measures are taken to prevent it from happening again. When a patient has a problem or dies, the patient (or his family) is dismissed for having a "frivolous claim", medical records are lost, altered, forged or destroyed, everyone lies, the case is forced into the "legal" system where the CMA (whose purpose is securing the financial welfare of doctors) and its CMPA (whose purpose is to defeat medical litigants) bat 1000 in crushing people who have been crippled or killed by doctors.

Hell will be paid for this outrage and Judgement Day is coming. The clock is ticking. People are waking up. The money is running out boys and girls.

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