Thursday, September 12, 2013

Saudi Goals in Syria

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by Morley Evans

The world is much much more complicated than what is presented on the evening TV news, or in the newspapers or newsmagazines. Cancel your subscription. Turn off the tube. Don't be a boob. Watch this and wise up:

Now you're getting the idea: they are all bad. Everyone who loves power is bad. You cannot trust any of them. They are all bad. Bad, bad, bad.

BTW: Bashar Al Assad, "the brutal dictator of Syria," is an eye doctor. He was recalled to be groomed to run Syria from London, where he was living quietly with his wife and child, when his older brother, who was supposed to take over the family business, died in a car crash. That's why Bashar Al Assad doesn't look like, and probably is not, "a brutal dictator." He has to learn how to play the role if he can.

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