Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Indians

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by Morley Evans

The Regina Liar-Post headline reads "ABORIGINALS OPTIMISTIC". Sure they are. You bet. The photo below tells the story. Prime Minister Steven Harper towers over the Indian chief wearing a funny hat. They and the current Minister responsible for the Indian Act are surrounded by big Canadian flags. Harper smiles his smarmy smile. The Indians can expect to get more of what they've been getting since Confederation in 1867. They know it too. Indians are not optimistic. They aren't stupid. You may not know that three groups founded the country known today as Canada. The Anglos, the French and the Indians. The Indians owned 95% of the land. Like the French, promises to the Indians have been ignored for one hundred forty-five years. The people who run the country known as Canada are liars and thieves who call themselves "Honourable". They aren't. It matters not what Party. They steal from everybody, not only Indians. Harper is also a warmonger and a killer who has conned millions to get where he is today. We are all little Indians to Harper. After giving the Indians a few minutes of his valuable time, Harper jetted off to Switzerland to tell the convened billionaires how smart he is. Do you think Harper works for them? Harper doesn't work for you.

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