Tuesday, January 17, 2012


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by Morley Evans

Warmongers and what to do about them:

This is how U.S. foreign policy works these days: Israel is provided by the U.S. with the means to attack Iran. After Iran and Hezbollah respond and kill some of the American troops now stationed inside Israel to defend the "Jewish State", the U.S. would be "reluctantly" dragged into war by Israel. The U.S. could blame the Israelis or Iran. Who cares? It won't matter who lights the fuse. Russia and China would be dragged into a war to defend Iran and themselves. The world would be destroyed in WW III. Why would the Washington warmongers do this? They are corrupt and worse. They are really really stupid. The big winners would be the banksters and their friends who imagine they would preside over a much reduced world population of radioactive and starving serfs who would owe their lives to the new masters of the world. Them. The Master Race. The ancient regime would be restored. The U.S. was behind all those colour-coded "revolutions" in recent years. Remember the "Orange Revolution" in Ukraine? The United States has been spreading "freedom and democracy" since the Spanish American War. Of course Washington was spreading freedom and democracy when it defeated the American Indians and the Mexicans and the Guatemalans, Panamanians and Hondurans and then the Germans (twice) and the Japanese. Let's not forget Hawaii and China or Korea and Vietnam. Freedom and democracy and human rights is being spread in Iraq and Afghanistan too. The British used to spread civilization and Christianity. Helping people is the ticket to world domination. The people in Washington are criminally insane. They are stupid. They really think they can get away with their game of brinkmanship. As Rep. Ron Paul, R - Texas, says, "We are bankrupt." That is the key. A race is on to take over the world before the financial bubble bursts and it will. Soon. The Russians and Chinese could face down these idiots. The Chinese could stop buying American debt. Everyone could dump the dollar. The American people could revolt and put these morons out of business once and for all. People need to act to save themselves and the world. A tax revolt is needed. The 99% whose necks are on the block can withdraw support for their own destruction. Income Tax Day is coming. Tell them: "You can go to Hell. We aren't going there." Did I forget the Philippines? The Empire is always very busy. It is everywhere all the time. . .

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Here the view from Paul Craig Roberts former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan administration:


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