Thursday, January 12, 2012

Slaying the Sky Dragon

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by Morley Evans

All this warm weather got me wondering again about Global Warming and all those nice folks who are employed in the Global Warming Industry from the IPCC to the University of Regina. So yesterday I bought SLAYING THE SKY DRAGON: Death of the Greenhouse Gas Theory. Here's a review that is just out:

Since mathematics is as foreign to me as Japanese, I have to fall back on simple logic: First, the earth warms up. Second, plants increase because plants grow better when it is warm. (Most people in Saskatchewan have noticed that plant growth outside is fairly slow in January.) Third, plants produce CO2 as part of what plants do to live. Fourth, a record of increased CO2 remains in glaciers when the earth returns to its usual frosty normal condition. Researchers looking at the ice record of warm and cool periods get cause and effect reversed and conclude that CO2 caused the earth to warm up. It's an honest mistake that anyone could make. The Big Question is why does the earth cool after it has been warmed by CO2? Global temperature should keep rising until oceans boil. Then What?

No wonder no one pays me for my opinions. They'd all be outta business! There would be no classrooms filled with kiddies slavishly hanging on your every word, no cushy salary, no tenure, no clubby faculty of geniuses just like you, no sabbatical in the Greek Islands to do research and publish scholarly books, no grants, no indexed pensions, no government positions and no hysterical mobs rioting to save the world. WTF? OMG!

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