Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Gardasil Victim Speaks Out

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by Morley Evans

This is Brittany whose life has been destroyed by Gardasil™, another pharmaceutical wonder drug from Merck. Brittany is 23 years old. She breaks my heart, but Merck doesn't care. Merck is "only in it for the money." Merck wants to vaccinate every girl, starting when she is 13 years old. They are passing laws to make it mandatory. Mothers and fathers, you must protect your children. You must stop Merck. Say, NO!

Merck took 18 years out of my life with Zocor™. I was in a coma in 2000 after I had been tortured for eight years. It took me ten years to recover. Add it up. Merck and my doctors could not care less PROVING they are only in it for the money. Brittany will lose more years than I lost. Brittany is young. She has decades of suffering ahead of her. She might not be as lucky as I have been. Merck doesn't care one way or the other. You must care. You must say, NO! There's something really wrong going on here.

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