Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Pharmaceutical Medicine

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by Morley Evans

Hi Dorothy,

I am glad to hear from you. Thanks for writing.

Based upon over sixty years of experience in Regina with pharmaceutical medicine, I cannot agree with you. Doctors, not patients, are the problem. Medicine, by which I mean pharmaceutical medicine, in Canada is a vast criminal empire that is protected by public opinion, the bureaucracy, the legislatures, and the judiciary. It is connected to the public treasuries and promoted hour after hour by the Canadian Brainwashing Corporation (CBC) and the rest of the mass media. The end is in sight, fortunately. Canadian medicine does not deliver — and cannot deliver — good health. It is bankrupting the country. It already costs more than everything else combined. Projections show that soon "healthcare" will gobble up 80% of the Ontario budget leaving only 20% for everything else. It has been out of control in Saskatchewan for decades. Regina may have the worst and most corrupt "healthcare" system in the world. Doctors here have been lording it over everyone for a century despite being guilty of the most egregious malpractices. Organized medicine here has arranged to force every complaint into the "legal" system which it controls. Every case that gets to court is dismissed. The annual report of the Canadian Medical Protective Association proves my point. There is no quality control because no one is interested in quality. Medicine here is a racket.

Merck and Pfizer are the worst pharmaceutical companies: they are truly "only in it for the money." Johnson & Johnson is the only good pharmaceutical company I have found. When I discovered I was allergic to Rogaine® and reported it to the FDA, Health Canada and Johnson & Johnson, only the company replied in any meaningful way. I was refunded my purchase price without question. I was thanked for reporting my problem. They wanted to know if I had recovered. (After using Rogaine® for a month, Rogaine® had made me itchy all over. When I stopped using Rogaine® the itching stopped.) I was contacted by many different people at Johnson & Johnson who really seemed to care about me. They didn't tell me I was a liar or that I had not followed instructions, or that I was trying to defraud the company, or that I was crazy.) Maybe it is a corporate con job, but I don't think so. I bless them all. The others could not care less. If your life is destroyed or if you die, too bad for you. They are cursed. The doctors here will pay for their crimes, in this life or the next where they will be chained to the oars of a Roman galley and row across the Lake of Fire, forever. There is no mercy there.

Best wishes,
 - Morley

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