Friday, March 23, 2012

The Jewish Vote

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by Morley Evans

Jews account for about 2% of the American population. When Benjamin Netanyahu addressed the U.S. Congress a few weeks ago, standing ovations were so frequent the assembled were virtually on their feet the whole time. Every American candidate running for office bends over backward to demonstrate solidarity with Israel. Why do Jews have so much power? They don't.

Jews have been astoundingly successful in the United States. Jews can be found among the leaders in every category: publishing, broadcasting, law, medicine, retailing, finance, education, science, entertainment, business, journalism, labour, politics and crime. There are probably no Jews on welfare or among the homeless. Jewish children are always among the brightest and hardest working students. It could seem to the simple-minded that this small population runs everything and controls everyone.

A survey of Whose Who seems to support the Zionist view which is that Jews are the Master Race, that Jews are "God's Chosen People" and that everyone else exists to serve them. But the Zionist view is wrong and despite intense Zionist pressure throughout the last century, most Jews are ambivalent to — if not hostile to — Zionism and Israel. Norman Finkelstein boasts that he is the only Jew they won't let into the "Jewish State". He is not alone, however. Jews are at the forefront of the anti-war, anti-Israel movement. Israeli Jews put themselves in jeopardy to denounce the treatment of the Palestinians and work to help them. Those Jews don't own the American broadcast media and they don't have zillions of dollars stashed away. Their voices go unheard — like everyone else's voices, they are silenced by the "free press".

In the United States, AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee), apparently decides who will get elected in Washington and who won't get elected. That's why the Congressmen and the President suck up to them and bow down low when they pass by. They aren't really motivated by "the Jewish vote." Jews have always voted for the Democratic ticket. Furthermore, it is the "Israel" lobby, not the "Israeli" lobby. The AIPAC masters have their own agenda which is even farther right than Likud or the Nazis (who got their Master Race ideas from the Zionists, according to Neturei Karta an order of Orthodox Jews). The Israeli leaders certainly listen pretty carefully when AIPAC speaks because AIPAC controls the American loot that finances Israel.

It would be incorrect to say that "the Jews" control the United States and the fate of the world. It would be correct to say that a handful of zillionaires control the United States and the fate of the world by deciding who is elected to Congress and who becomes the President. They are a cryptocracy that acts in concert with the Federal Reserve System and the other central banks, Wall Street and the military-industrial complex. They are not all Jewish. They are not all American. According to Alfred Lilienthal in the Zionist Connection, this shifted into high gear with the election that was "stolen" by Harry Truman and his Zionist financiers in 1948. "Give 'Em Hell Harry", dropped A-bombs on the Japanese and started the Cold War that lasted over sixty years. You might want to look at what the voiceless and dispossessed have been saying about the brave new world we live in. You won't hear from them in the high school civics class.

Sheldon Adelson has $100 million for Newt Gingrich
Elections are a sideshow to divert everyone's attention and provide the illusion that "the people" are in control. In reality, nothing changes whoever is elected. People who were disgusted by George W. Bush voted for Barack Obama who is worse than Bush and has done what Goldman Sachs wanted when they chose to be Obama's largest donor. Finally, "anti-Semitism" has been an extremely useful red herring to confuse the hounds, insight the mob and protect the crooks.

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