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A Proven Migraine Cure

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by Morley Evans

The Cancer Industry warns everyone that Gerson therapy doesn't work and that it is harmful besides. On the contrary, there is over one hundred years of solid evidence obtained from practitioners all over the world that Gerson therapy works. There is, as well, over a hundred years of solid evidence that pharmaceutical medicine does not work and is harmful besides.
Dr. Max Gerson started looking for relief from his own migraine headaches and discovered by accident that what cured migraines also cured other diseases. The first of these was cutaneous tuberculosis which was thought to be unrelated to migraine headaches and which was also incurable. What Gerson discovered is that when one gets one's nutrition right, the body heals itself and whatever was wrong disappears: cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity and cancer top the list of incurable diseases today that nutrition cures.
Dr. Gerson discovered in an obscure Italian medical journal what Gerson would develop over a lifetime:
The advice of the Italian doctor was to eat only one food and see if the migraines stopped. If migraines did not stop, he suggested trying a different food. If migraines went away, it was time to add another food. If migraines did not return, add another food. If they did return, one would know what to avoid. One must be careful and not cheat. This is called an elimination diet. This is a scientific experiment. Select one food that is a fresh raw fruit or vegetable. Don't start with pork chops or bacon. Believe it or not, you won't die if you do this. Do not consult with your pharmaceutical doctor. He works for your enemy. Your friends won't help you either. You can eat as much as you want of this one food, so you won't be hungry. Dr. Gerson started with apples. Choose organic and fresh.
I am selling Juice PLUS+ which is an easy and affordable way for everyone to get started on the road to good health and long happy lives. Women can enjoy trouble-free pregnancies and deliver healthy babies who will grow up to be healthy adults.
Simply adding Juice PLUS+ to all the bad things most people are exposed to will not work, but once people get started, they usually seek ways to do even more. They stop eating crap that is making them sick. They avoid everything that is advertised. They drink more (filtered) water. They stop taking pharmaceutical drugs. They try to eliminate sugar which is hard because the "food" industry puts sugar into everything. Sugar is just like Heroin (By-the-way, the Bayer Pharmaceutical company used to sell Heroin).
If someone wants to feel better, they can take drugs. If someone wants to get better, they can fix what is wrong. There is a mountain of evidence that a diet rich in fresh raw fruits and vegetables promotes good health. It is a universal prescription available to everyone.
I am 64 years old. Yet I am healthier than I was when I was 46, or 26 or 16 or 6. I survived Iatrogenesis which nearly ended my life in June 2000 after I had been tortured for eight years. I weighed 125 pounds when I came home from hospital. By the Grace of God, I was able to rebuild my health with exercise and nutrition over the next ten years. Pharmaceutical medicine took 18 years out of my life. They could not care less, proving what they are.
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