Saturday, March 17, 2012

Paul Craig Roberts

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by Morley Evans

RT is Russian Television. Paul Craig Roberts was the Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan Administration.


After centuries of masquerading as the world's perennial good-guy, Washington is unmasked as the driving force behind the one world evil empire. The United States is always pushing for more. They've fooled everyone for a long time. Are we beginning to wake up? Is it too late?

Will there be a war on Iran? There has never been an issue more critical than this because Russia and China are involved and so are Pakistan and India. They all have nukes, so does Israel. "Disarming" Iran, which does not have nukes, is a ploy on the geopolitical chessboard. If China, Russia and Pakistan do nothing, the U.S. will encroach on them further after destroying Iran as it destroyed Iraq and Libya. "The Great Game" is world domination and the United States is close to total victory, some think in Washington. They must press on now or lose everything.

Washington is fomenting war. This is a game of chicken. Who will back down? The other side is not without assets. As PCR says, Russia supplies all natural gas and most oil to Europe. (Did you know that the Middle East supplies almost no oil to the United States?) China (followed closely by Japan) is the largest creditor of the United States after the Federal Reserve System. (U.S. debt is roughly J-1/4, C-1/4, Fed-1/2.) Russia also has all those ICBMs from the Cold War still pointed at us. American foreign policy has been aggressive right from the beginning in 1776, so no one can blame it all on Israel which currently has inordinate influence in Washington. Or does it? Washington could simply tell Israel no more money and no more support if you don't get real and do what you're told. Israel has no power. Israel is just another chess piece.

The solution lies with Americans themselves. They need to demand an end to Washington's Empire. Will they? Americans need to wake up to the fact that they have zero control of the U.S. government. It is controlled by Wall Street and the Federal Reserve; the Military-Industrial Complex; and the Israel lobby which is a creature of Mossad. They decide who gets elected and what they do after they are elected — not the voters. Americans' thoughts are controlled by the media they watch. How can Americans break out of this prison? They can forget about elections and armed rebellion. The Civil War was the last time anyone tried to break away by force. JFK was the last person who thought he could buck the system.

What about a tax strike? One is actually going on right now. Every time Americans (or anyone else) buys something "Made in China" or "Made in Mexico" or "Made in Costa Rica" or "Made in Brazil" or "Made in Japan" they are driving a nail into the coffin of the Empire which is already out of money if not out of business, yet. The Fed thinks it can continue to rule the world with its funny money. It cannot. Americans don't have to elect a better President, they can buy a toaster or a shirt and save themselves and the world. The parasites will be purged. George W. Bush told Americans to go shopping. . . Proving one never knows whom one will have to thank and that geopolitics is more like Go, than Chess: just when it looks like you are winning, you lose.

We get lots of things we want from China and Japan. They get IOUs that we will never pay. What do we get from The Fed? That's right: We get nothing — except its phony money. For that they want our homes, our businesses, our land, our lives. The Federal Reserve System combined with its central banking buddies is the biggest swindle in history. Are you going to go off to kill and die for them?


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