Tuesday, November 13, 2012

American Morality

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by Morley Evans

Paul Craig Roberts asks if American morality is dead.

Dear PCR,

Is American morality dead? No. America has a new religion and is true to that morality. In the time before Christianity, Zeus (Jupiter) was the king of the gods. Zeus threw lightning bolts from the heavens to strike those with whom Zeus was displeased down on earth. Drones and Hellfire missiles are not new. Romans who worshipped Zeus and the other gods filled the Amphitheatrum Flavium to cheer for gladiators who were locked in mortal combat. Romans worshipped power. Strength and cruelty were celebrated. Romans loved Mars, the god of War. Mars was second only to Zeus. Sex was taboo only for Christians. Romans engaged in anything that pleased them. Today, charges of sexual impropriety are merely political weapons. Anything goes. Christian morality is long gone. This can be confirmed by a trip through any and every checkout line at every grocery store where every magazine cover proclaims the morality of our society today. The neoclassical architecture of Washington, DC, reveals what the Founders had in mind right from the beginning. Replacing the British Empire as world hegemon was always the goal of the empire that opposed empires and stands for freedom and democracy and the rights of man and woman and defenseless creatures large and small.

- Morley

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