Sunday, November 25, 2012

Nutrition 101

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by Morley Evans

Why should you — and everyone you know — be taking Juice PLUS+ every day? It's simple: Nutrition is essential to life. Plants and animals that don't get the nutrients they need die. Raw fruits and vegetables are the only source for thousands of micronutrients that science is only now discovering. One JuicePLUS+ capsule contains all the nutrition of one pint of juice made from the JP+ recipes of fruit, vegetables, and berries — minus water. Fibre comes out with juicing. People taking the recommended six capsules a day (two+two+two) are getting the nutrition of six pints of premium juice a day (2.84 L) that has been shipped thousands of miles from where it was grown with nothing lost. Forget about V-8 and Old South or Welch's. Vitamin Water is made by Coca-Cola. Gator-Aid is made by Pepsi-Cola. Sports drinks are not for sports. They are for idiots.

Is JuicePLUS+ all you need? No, but JuicePLUS+ "gets your health snowball rolling in the right direction." It is a very important part of what you need and cannot do without.

People also need clean fresh air, eight hours of deep sleep nightly, clean fresh water (2 Litres or more a day), protein (4 to 6 ounces of animal or vegetable protein a day), Vitamin D (7,000 IU preferably from sunshine), a healthy gut (cultivated with probiotic foods and NO NO NO sugar or sweeteners of any kind), fat (fat is good for you) and healthful exercise. Let's not forget 7 to 13 servings of fresh raw fruits and vegetables a day. Everyone should be exercising three times a week in the gym and getting an optimized diet every day. They will be healthier — guaranteed. We live with increasing jeopardy and decreasing protection. Yet reducing hazards while increasing our nutritive uptake has benefits. People can look forward to: No colds, No doctors, No drugs, No cancer, No heart disease, No hospitals, No old folks homes with a handful of pharmaceutical drugs three times a day. They will Live Life to the PLUS! Make theirs your future.

Gorillas and chimpanzees — our closest biological relatives — eat leaves. An adult chimp is two to three times stronger than the strongest man. Lions, tigers and other carnivores that we admire for their power are only distantly related to us. Buzzards, hyenas and vultures are designed to eat carrion. They could eat and thrive on the eColi-tainted hamburger from the Lakeside meat-processing plant in Brooks, Alberta. We cannot. Yet, even vultures would die if they ate only Big Macs and Whoppers. Ever seen one of those that has been sitting on a shelf (unrefrigerated) for 5 years? It looks the same as the day it was purchased! Unbelievable but true. Try it yourself — store it — don't eat it! Microorganisms won't eat that stuff — they know better — yet we eat it and wash it down with a half gallon of soda pop, with fries. Yum! Why do we get sick? Humans should want to emulate this guy:

Big Daddy

Juice PLUS+ is "the most thoroughly-researched nutriceutical product in history." On-going, randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind, crossover, peer-reviewed studies conducted by scientists in world-class medical centres and universities around the world have been proving Juice PLUS+ benefits for years. This is not phony pharmaceutical drug research. Juice PLUS+ is food that promotes health. It has no "side-effects".

I am not only well today. I am getting stronger thanks to nutrition and Strong Lifts 5x5. The weights do not lie. Best of all, I am not sore after a workout. The micronutrients in fruits and vegetables (Juice Plus+) is why. Dr. Phillips, MD and IronMan.

"No other product, with or without a prescription, can make that claim," - Dr. DuBois, MD.
"Good food is good medicine,"- Dr. Sears, MD. 

- Morley Evans

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