Thursday, November 8, 2012

An Alberta Woman

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by Morley Evans

This tragic and horrifying story is, unfortunately, only one of millions. Brainless criminal abuse by arrogant stupid doctors has been going on in Canada since Confederation. Medical con-men are protected here by lawyers, legislators, and judges — they do not care about you. You probably didn't know that! We know this woman only as she presented herself anonymously as "an Alberta woman." Why must she stand alone and friendless in a country with pretensions of caring and sharing?

"We are so wonderful. Wear your maple leaf with pride, suckers. Three cheers for the Musical Ride, hockey, the CBC, Medicare and Vimy Ridge!"

Canada is not what you think it is. This is so sad, it breaks my heart when I think she made this cry for help two years ago. She doesn't answer her eMail and has probably died. Gone and forgotten, but not by me.

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